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Butchering The Chance

What better food topic than the premiere of Top Chef for our Foodie Friday Fun?  The power came back on in time for the show the other night (yay!) and in addition to some intriguing food there was a great business point made right off the bat.  The competition began with far more than the usual 16 cooks and many of those who came to Texas thinking they were on the show were, in fact, fighting for one of those 16 slots.  One competitor in particular stood out for all the wrong reasons, and it’s he who provided the business point I’d like to make today.

Top Chef

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Top Chef

A food post and it’s not Friday?  What happened?  Well, the Top Chef finale aired last night and of course I have a few thoughts.  Not just on the food either since there was something that stuck me about last night and, in fact, the entire season that is a great lesson for people in business.  It’s something I’ve noticed about younger people in general and since most of the competitors are under age 30 I’m hoping that it’s indicative of how this generation thinks. Continue reading

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Your best dish?

Over the weekend I did a bit of cooking, as usual. Some of it used recipes, some of it used the knowledge I’ve accumulated over a lot of years in the kitchen. While doing some of the prep work (mise, to you foodie types), my mind wandered and was thinking about..um…thinking! And I figured out that it’s the thinking that makes all the difference, both in the kitchen and at your desk. Continue reading

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