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User Error

Burned car wreck, about 3 Miles south of Carca...

I took a drive yesterday to run an errand and managed to avoid the folks who were busy committing user error out on the roads. We seem to hear every day about some recall or major product issue and I’m sure those things are in need of attention. However, if you ask me the one thing that needs the most attention is us: we, the users. Let me explain. Continue reading

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Egg On Their Faces

A fried egg, sunny side up.

Some things just make you shake your head and today’s USA Today brought along another one of them. It’s almost as if the aftermath of the BP spill never happened or, at best, as if some folks are either not paying attention or just not getting what they’re seeing and hearing.  I know it’s not Friday but this is food-related, sort of.  It’s really about business and responsibility in my mind but I’ll let you be the judge. Continue reading

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Learning Not To Cook


It’s Friday and the topic, of course, is food-related. I was speaking with a friend of mine the other day and he mentioned that his business used to remind him of a cook and a couple of helpers but now it’s a big kitchen and the cook has become a chef. As we kept talking, it was obvious to me that the guy had NOT become a chef – he was still a cook and that’s the business point I want to make today.

I hear lots of folks complain about chefs (most of them celebrities now) who have six or ten or more restaurants. “How can they run the kitchen from 1,000 miles away?” is the common question. But they can because they’ve learned not to cook and that’s what my friend’s boss needs to understand. Continue reading

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