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Flipping The Switch

Abstracts - a light switch

Image by R/DV/RS via Flickr

Today I’m mooching power and connectivity from my sister’s house since we still have no electricity following Irene’s visit this past weekend. I’m thankful our parents taught us to share!
As I set myself up here, I turned on a light. After a few days of absent-mindedly flipping switches and having nothing happen, I realized that like many of us I took that immediate glow for granted. Of course, this promoted a thought I’d like to share. Continue reading

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Nothing Today

Sorry, kids. There’s still no power or connectivity at the old homestead and with a limited time mooching off of relatives’ WiFi, I’m not going to be able to post. Hopefully the new day will bring back electricity and unfettered access to all that is digital goodness.

Thanks for understanding!

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The Calm After The Storm

A cropped image of Hurricane Irene making land...

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What a weekend!  Whether you live on the East Coast or not, you probably spent a fair amount of time over the last few days hearing a lot about Hurricane Irene.  She paid us a visit late Saturday and spent the night as so many house-guests will:  wreaking havoc and generally making herself unwelcome.  She left us Sunday afternoon but not before killing the power and internet access back at Rancho Deluxe.  They’re still out as I’m writing this at my brother- and sister-in-law’s place in the next town over.

Like most folks, we had the time in the calm before the storm to take in the patio furniture, buy provisions, and generally batten down.  But what should we be doing in the calm after the storm?  That’s the business point today as well. Continue reading

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