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Flipping The Switch

Abstracts - a light switch

Image by R/DV/RS via Flickr

Today I’m mooching power and connectivity from my sister’s house since we still have no electricity following Irene’s visit this past weekend. I’m thankful our parents taught us to share!
As I set myself up here, I turned on a light. After a few days of absent-mindedly flipping switches and having nothing happen, I realized that like many of us I took that immediate glow for granted. Of course, this promoted a thought I’d like to share. Continue reading

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Nothing Today

Sorry, kids. There’s still no power or connectivity at the old homestead and with a limited time mooching off of relatives’ WiFi, I’m not going to be able to post. Hopefully the new day will bring back electricity and unfettered access to all that is digital goodness.

Thanks for understanding!

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The Calm After The Storm

A cropped image of Hurricane Irene making land...

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What a weekend!  Whether you live on the East Coast or not, you probably spent a fair amount of time over the last few days hearing a lot about Hurricane Irene.  She paid us a visit late Saturday and spent the night as so many house-guests will:  wreaking havoc and generally making herself unwelcome.  She left us Sunday afternoon but not before killing the power and internet access back at Rancho Deluxe.  They’re still out as I’m writing this at my brother- and sister-in-law’s place in the next town over.

Like most folks, we had the time in the calm before the storm to take in the patio furniture, buy provisions, and generally batten down.  But what should we be doing in the calm after the storm?  That’s the business point today as well. Continue reading

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Cooking Fish

Fried fish

As we sit here this Friday awaiting the arrival over the weekend of Irene, of course my thoughts turn to food. If we think of Irene as a weekend guest (although she’s rather unwelcome), I’d be thinking about how to feed her. Of course, in general we want to spend time with our guests and not in the kitchen, so simpler is better and there is much that’s simpler to cook than fish. And because it’s so simple, it shows us a quick business lesson too. Continue reading

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GameStop logo

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This morning’s “stupid things companies do” report comes to us from Tech Crunch and has to do with some lunacy at GameStop.  For those of you who haven’t had the pleasure, GameStop (which also runs EB Games) is kind of Barnes & Noble for games.  In fact, it’s actually a B&N spin-off.  Unlike their former parent, they don’t seem to have a customer-centric focus and this incident is pretty clear proof of that.  But let’s see what you think and maybe figure out a few pointers for all of us along the way. Continue reading

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Kate the Desktop Computer

Image by Gino Carteciano via Flickr

I have seen the future and it’s disconnected! From what? From the wall, from the wire, and maybe from you if you’re a content creator who’s not thinking ahead. I used to write this on my desktop PC; today I’m writing it on my laptop; tomorrow, I could be writing it on a tablet or my phone (which I do sometimes now in a pinch). Fortunately for me, the CMS I use (WordPress) has versions optimized for each device. It’s not quite so easy, however, if you’re producing content rather than software, especially video content, and that’s going to be a critical fix on your “to do” list if it’s not already. Continue reading

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Picky Eaters

Full course dinner

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I know it’s not Friday but I had a thought about eating – or maybe about NOT eating – I want to share.  Actually, as I think about it, maybe this is more about rasing your kids than it is food.  I’ll let you decide.  I do know it’s about business too!

We were pretty lucky as parents when it came to our daughters being picky eaters.  Both of them ate pretty much everything until they got older (like 8) and it wasn’t really an issue to get them to eat at all.  Watching other parents struggle to get their kids to eat anything reminded us about our luck in this area and even today while the girls have made some choices about likes, dislikes, and food in general (one is a vegan, one is an omnivore except for eggs), they have good palates and will try new things.

So how is this related to business? Continue reading

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