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Cover of The Complete Monterey Pop Festival DV...

At the end of the D.A. Pennebaker film Monterey Pop, there comes a performance that took place on a cold June morning in 1967.  Everyone was half asleep, all the big guns like Jimi Hendrix and Otis Redding and the Mamas and the Papas had been fired.   Yet while those guns had elicited many emotions, it took this one last one to bring out pure, unmitigated joy. Continue reading

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Out of Touch

advertising saturation

Sorry about the lateness of today’s post. I went to the eye doctor this morning and he dilated my eyes, which makes it very difficult to read a bright screen. Now that I am able to read a bit, the subject of difficulties in seeing came up in a research newsletter I get and raised an interesting thought. Continue reading

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No, You Don’t

Nuevo Kindle de Amazon

Some of you may be aware of the controversy Amazon has caused by deleting copies of a book from customers’ Kindles. Ironically, it’s the Orwell book “1984”, where Big Brother is always watching. But this post isn’t about that. Instead, it’s about a quote that appears at the very end of a piece the NY Times wrote on Sunday. Continue reading

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Midtown Manhattan, New York City, from Rockefe...

We moved the eldest daughter from one apartment to another in NYC over the weekend. While she hasn’t yet accumulated the vast amount of “stuff” we all do over the years that necessitate bigger and bigger spaces to contain it, she had enough that we needed to rent a truck to move it 60 blocks uptown. And that’s when the fun began. Continue reading

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One Simple Question

Picture of an authentic Neapolitan Pizza Margh...

We ordered some food last evening from a local Italian restaurant since we were all kind of busy, wiped out, or both.  I phoned in the order which we picked up not long thereafter.  In the order was some extra food, which surprised me, but apparently it was compensation for the fact that parts of the order were messed up (Hey! When we ask for mushrooms on the pizza it’s because we want them and no one here ordered a white pizza!). Continue reading

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Burnt Ends

Barbecue beef brisket

We usually end the week with a food post and I’m in the mood to fire up the smoker so let’s talk about burnt ends.  No, this has nothing to do with you standing too close to the pit but everything to do with fat, flavor, and fun.  You probably don’t think they have much to do with business, but you know I’ll find a way, right? Continue reading

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Playing With Fire

Open fire on the barbecue grill

A few of us were talking at dinner last night about random ways to set yourself on fire. Having not had any personal experience in this area other than the occasional spatter burn from a too hot stove, I was intrigued. And you know it made me think of a business lessons as well. Continue reading

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