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Happy New Year

A shofar made from a ram's horn is traditional...

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This evening marks the beginning of the Jewish High Holy Days.  Rosh Hashanah – the head of the year – commences at sundown and the next 10 days are spent in introspective thought.  Maybe there’s a business lesson in there as well. Please Click to Read On

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Stand up!

As I finished the Sports section of this morning’s USA Today, I noticed an ad on the back page for a Cadillac Escalade.  But not any ordinary truck masquerading as a luxury car.  Oh no – this one is a HYBRID! Please click to keep reading!

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Reading The Manuel

Interim manager Jerry Man...

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One never knows where one will find great lessons in business.  As an example, there is a lovely piece in the New York Times this morning about Jerry Manuel, the manager of the New York Mets.  In it, he talks about his management style and how he works with his team: Continue reading

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