Happy New Year

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This evening marks the beginning of the Jewish High Holy Days.  Rosh Hashanah – the head of the year – commences at sundown and the next 10 days are spent in introspective thought.  Maybe there’s a business lesson in there as well.Jews will spend the next 10 days praying, of course, but there is a lot more to this time.  It’s a time for reflection.  A time to review the past year and think about what you could have done better.  Yes, there is atoning for the sins committed but along with the atonement goes a resolve.  In my mind, the High Holy Days is a time to resolve to DO better.

I think every business should have a Day of Reflection each year.  Too often the budget planning process is more about numbers than reflection and strategic thought.  The demands of keeping the business running each day often obscure clear, calm thought.  A day of reflection and, just maybe, some atoning for our business errors of the past year aren’t a bad idea.

So I’ll wish everyone a Happy New Year – A Shana Tova.  Whether you’re Jewish or not, maybe you should be reflecting!

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