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The Other Guy

The weekend brought snow and took away electricity.  Unlike the power loss from Hurricane Irene, dealing with the cold is an issue here along with the inconvenience of working remotely.  Then again, no trees fell on the house or car although we saw several that did just that as we drove around yesterday to a relative’s house for shelter.  You feel for those people – it’s far easier for us to replace the food that will spoil than the roof or a car others will need to fix.  Which of course got me thinking about something we sometimes neglect in business. Continue reading

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The Easy Way Out

I read something this week that fits our Foodie Friday theme and ends the week with a stimulating thought. There is an ongoing flame war between Mark Bittman, a well-known food author, and Josh Ozersky, who is an award-winning food writer as well. The battlefield is Time Magazine and the subject is “industrial food.” If you’re interested in the blow-by-blow, you can read the articles here, but their conversation about our food system makes a broader business point in my mind. Continue reading

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Great Expectations

Not surprisingly with the weekend approaching, your writer’s thoughts turn to golf.  Every golfer who plays regularly should have a handicap index.  This is probably the most misunderstood statistic that golfers use.  The short explanation is that for every round one plays, you (or a computer, usually) figure out the stroke differential between what you shot and the stroke rating of the course.  You adjust that for something called the slope rating (a measure of how difficult the course is relative to other courses) and add it on to your list.  Your handicap index is 95% of the average of the ten best (lowest) adjusted stroke differentials of your last twenty rounds.  Clear?  Good, because it’s a great business lesson too.

Typical elements of a hole on a golf course: t...

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