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The Other Guy

The weekend brought snow and took away electricity.  Unlike the power loss from Hurricane Irene, dealing with the cold is an issue here along with the inconvenience of working remotely.  Then again, no trees fell on the house or car although we saw several that did just that as we drove around yesterday to a relative’s house for shelter.  You feel for those people – it’s far easier for us to replace the food that will spoil than the roof or a car others will need to fix.  Which of course got me thinking about something we sometimes neglect in business. Continue reading

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How Do You Sleep?

Cover of "Imagine"
Cover of Imagine

John Lennon wrote a song on the Imagine album (back when we called them albums) called “How Do You Sleep?” and lately a number of events have me asking the same question.  All of this may come across as naive but I can’t understand how some folks sleep at night given the way in which they conduct their lives. Continue reading

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