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The Other Guy

The weekend brought snow and took away electricity.  Unlike the power loss from Hurricane Irene, dealing with the cold is an issue here along with the inconvenience of working remotely.  Then again, no trees fell on the house or car although we saw several that did just that as we drove around yesterday to a relative’s house for shelter.  You feel for those people – it’s far easier for us to replace the food that will spoil than the roof or a car others will need to fix.  Which of course got me thinking about something we sometimes neglect in business. Continue reading

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Get Off Your Butt

The hardest thing about being an independent consultant for me is business development.  Not on behalf of others, but for my practice.  It’s not that I can’t do it or that I don’t know how.  After all, I spent a good portion of my early career doing just that for ABC and CBS with excellent results.  It’s more that I’d prefer to spend my time working on my clients’ business and not on my own, I’d guess.  Maybe I need to be more selfish.

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A good friend who has been on his own for 30+ years told me early on that this would be the hardest part and that there would be anxious months with not enough work.  He was right, as usual, but the remedy is something far simpler than anti-anxiety drugs or meditation and is applicable even to those of you that live in the corporate world and is something I want to share since it goes beyond business as well.
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Undercover Boss

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Like many of you (well, 38 million of you anyway), I watched the debut of Undercover Boss following the Super Bowl broadcast. Interesting premise – a CEO goes undercover at his own company to see how the “stuff” rolls downhill until it lands amidst the workers we see on the show.
On the show the CEO of Waste Management, a seemingly nice enough guy, got a taste of how the policies he sets forth get implemented. It’s like a big corporate game of telephone and he was looking to understand what came out the other end. What he found out was that even with the best of intentions (and we can debate for hours what came out in the editing room), policies often get screwed up on the way to reality.  And that’s what hit me throughout: Continue reading

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