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I love it when people suggest topics for the daily screed.  Not only is it way easier to write to a prompt, but it lets me know what sorts of things are on your minds out there.  Today’s topic was suggested by my old friend Eric, who found a treasure trove of heckler clips on YouTube.  To quote:

For great YouTube action search “Heckler” to see how comedians silence idiots. Last night Daniel Tosh told a heckler he’d pay for her funeral if she would “Pls jump”, from her balcony seat. Tons of clips of a very unusual, sadly common situation.

I agree but maybe there’s a positive in there. Continue reading

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What a week!  Meetings disrupted, things rescheduled and more snow on the way.  Fortunately, in the near term it’s Friday so we can celebrate another installment of Foodie Friday Fun.  In all candor, at this point I’d take a Monday in May right now over a weekend with snow in the forecast.

The second half of the quick-fire challenge on Top Chef last week was interesting.  Having succeeded at cutting fish to Le Bernardin‘s supremely high standards, the winners were asked to cook using the waste materials.  That, of course sparked a business thought. Continue reading

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You Like To Watch?

I’m not sure if you watched the State of the Union speech the other night.  I’m pretty sure you’ll watch the Super Bowl (even if your rooting interest is diminished due to the Jets’ demise).  But here’s the thing:  I’m not exactly sure what “watch” is any more.  What I am sure about is that the methods we used to measure how many people are watching don’t reflect how what watching occurs anymore and because of that a lot of the reporting about these events is flawed.  Here’s what I mean. Continue reading

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Grown-Up Supervision

Image representing Google as depicted in Crunc...

I’m sure you read about the change of command at Google last week.  The CEO stepped aside (is it down or up?) to let one of the founders run the company again.  That’s not particularly unusual in the business world.  Except that it’s Google. Aside from the fact that it’s a huge company with major impact on just about everything digital, there was something in the aftermath of the announcement that caught my eye and raised a point I’d like to share. Continue reading

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Believing In Your Product

One of the first things you learn in sales is to believe in your own product.  Some folks call it eating your own dog food but the basic idea is two-fold.  First, if you’re going to foist something on a customer you should be willing to be that customer yourself.  Second, it’s a great way to do usability testing and in sales, it helps you discover selling points that may not even have been designed into the product plan.

I’m a big fan of the process and was really impressed when I read about what I consider to be the ultimate instance of belief in a product:  one that literally puts your life on the line. Continue reading

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Top hat as an icon for magic

Is there anyone you know who isn’t fascinated by magic? Whether we go back to wizards in ancient courts or right to today with Penn and Teller, David Blaine, or Chriss Angel, I think most people enjoy a good magic trick. Inevitably, you find yourself uttering “how did he do that?” out loud. Well, it’s pretty easy to find out how they performed the trick. A quick search and we know it all. Or do we? Continue reading

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Pissed At Packets

Robert Irvine

It’s Friday!  We’ve made it to the end of yet another snowy week so let’s turn to food.  One of the sillier (in my opinion) shows on The Food Network is Dinner Impossible.  It’s a race against the clock to shop for, cook, and serve a dinner under “impossible” time or other constraints.  If it’s so impossible, how come they do it every episode?!?!?

In any event, this week I stumbled upon it (something else must have been in commercial) just as they were shopping.  Part of the silliness is the inclusion of inexperienced or amateur cooks to help.  One ingredient the chef desired was grits and they only had the instant kind at the market.  The chef had sent an amateur to do the shopping, who called him to approve their purchase (which he did) and they moved on to cooking.  That’s when we got the business reminder! Continue reading

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