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Business Language

Like some of you, I watch a lot of sports on TV.  I listen to sports when I’m in the car.  I’m kind of obsessed, I know.   Because of this, I hear a lot of different announcers – good ones, bad ones, smart ones, dumb ones.  But it’s only over the last couple of weeks – yep, World Cup again – that I’ve come to appreciate how the careful, clever use of language can enhance the event experience much as food is enhanced by the cook who knows how to season it properly.  And that’s something to keep in mind for business as well! Continue reading

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Plan? I’m Wide Open

There’s a scene at the end of The In-Laws (the original, not the awful remake of a few years ago) when Sheldon and Vince are up against a wall facing a firing squad.  Shelly asks Vince for the plan – how are they going to escape?  Vince replies “Plan?  There is no plan.  I’m wide open” and it dawns on Shelly that they’re going to be shot.

That quote has stayed with me over the years because I can’t believe how often it’s appropriate in business.  The latest instance of this came just last week based on a survey by Digital Brand Expressions on corporations‘ use of social media. Continue reading

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An Understanding

Sport in childhood. Association football, show...

Like many of you I’m glued to the World Cup. Despite some horrible officiating and the US’ exit over the weekend, I still think it’s the greatest sporting event on the planet.  It’s great to see that others around the last great nation to get on the football train are waking up to the world’s game.

As with any sports, soccer has its own language which may be a bit indecipherable to the new audience.  Touch line, bi-line, a clock that’s not really the clock – all of these things may take a bit of translation.  There’s also a term you may have heard in passing and it’s that one from which we get today’s business lesson. Continue reading

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I know that it’s Friday and we try to do something food-related today. Let’s see if you can follow my logic on this one.
I was out working in the garden. Part of why Summer is my favorite time of the year is that it brings a bounty of fresh fruits and veggies, some of which – tomatoes, eggplants, peppers, cukes – we grow most years here at Rancho Deluxe. There is nothing like a tomato fresh off the vine, still warm, with a little salt – fleur de sel if you have it.  Anyway, I was out doing one of those nasty garden tasks and of course I got a business thought. Continue reading

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Gas Station Coffee

New shield for the Merritt Parkway in Connecticut.

I get up really early to play golf on the weekend. I’m usually out of the house an hour or two before anyone else gets up and so I don’t bother to make a pot of coffee since it will only turn itself off before they can drink it (yes, we own a carafe but it never seems to taste as good when it’s held that way).
On the way to the golf course (where the coffee is awful) I sometimes stop to buy a cup on the parkway. In theory, this should be a great alternative – reasonable prices, a wide selection of Green Mountain coffees freshly brewed – but it’s not, and the business lesson lies in what they’re missing. Continue reading

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Two More Trends

I wrote last week about 10 trends to watch coming out of the BMO Capital Markets Advertising and Marketing Conference and told you I’d be going into detail on each. Here are the next two trends to watch – Coordinating Connections and Transactional Marketing.
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You Want to Win? Get Away From Me!

Image representing Nielsen as depicted in Crun...

Fascinating, scary article on a report from Nielsen about the relationship between innovation and the physical proximity of senior management. Anyone who has ever worked in a big company isn’t going to be shocked by the news, but it turns out that “companies that take a hands-off approach with product development incubation and also employ other innovation best practices, on average derive 650% more revenue from new products than companies that do not follow these practices ” as reported by Media Post. Continue reading

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