Plan? I’m Wide Open

There’s a scene at the end of The In-Laws (the original, not the awful remake of a few years ago) when Sheldon and Vince are up against a wall facing a firing squad.  Shelly asks Vince for the plan – how are they going to escape?  Vince replies “Plan?  There is no plan.  I’m wide open” and it dawns on Shelly that they’re going to be shot.

That quote has stayed with me over the years because I can’t believe how often it’s appropriate in business.  The latest instance of this came just last week based on a survey by Digital Brand Expressions on corporations‘ use of social media.Here’s a good summary from Marketing Profs:

Despite widespread adoption of social media marketing, most companies are still learning how to integrate those efforts into their overall corporate strategies: 78% of surveyed companies say they actively use social media, but just 41% say those efforts are part of a strategic game plan, according to a survey from Digital Brand Expressions (DBE).

So once again, we’re driving at night without the lights on, kids.  It’s funny.  When you ask the same thing about search, most companies are pretty strategic about it and have some pretty good plans in place with specific KPI’s to meet.  Obviously the thinking is that users – consumers – are being task-oriented as they search and if they’re looking for a brand or product maybe they’re ready to buy.  However:

According to numbers from Nielsen Online, users spent an average of 5 hours, 46 minutes on Facebook in the month of August. To put that in perspective, that’s triple the amount of time they spent on Google.

That was last year  – the gap has probably widened.  So if users are spending their time on social, should that be where you’re spending yours?  Maybe that’s where we should be focusing our planning?

Just sayin…

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