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The Label

I know you were hoping I’d write about the food at the Royal Wedding this morning but since my invitation got lost in the mail I have no basis upon which to comment. Not that I’ve ever let that stand in my way before. I do have experience with food shopping, however, and I read a lot of labels as I do so. Those labels – and the packages on which they reside – are today’s food thought and of course it ties into business – and just maybe your health – as well. Continue reading

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Investing The Time

Yet another study on marketers‘ use of social media came out last week and I saw something in it I wanted to share. It’s encouraging in some ways that marketers seem to recognize that social media isn’t something that just their kids are using and that it has value as a channel. However one point made by the study shows that while the spirit may be willing, the actual flesh thrown against the social media effort is still pretty weak.  Let’s get your take. Continue reading

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Getting Scoped

Stomach colon rectum diagram.

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I’m writing this well in advance of you reading it.  While I usually write the day I publish something, I’m kind of tied up today having a colonoscopy.  For those of you under 50, this is something that will become a regular (if every 5 years or so is regular) part of your life going forward.  It’s to make sure that you and colon cancer don’t become acquainted.  Even though the disease is very curable if caught early, because there aren’t any real symptoms until it’s too late you need to have this exam to catch it when it’s very treatable if it’s there.  Obviously it’s not like checking yourself for lumps or funny moles.  But there’s kind of a business point to be made (you knew that was coming).

You see, most business problems are treatable if they’re found early.  Like the exam I’m having today, the process isn’t always pleasant, critical though it may be.  Lots of folks avoid the short-term discomfort and find themselves facing a much worse situation down the road.  Annual budget reviews are mostly rubber stamps.  You not seeing any  symptoms – why upset things and dig too deeply, right?  Wrong.  Don’t run your health that way and don’t run your business that way either.

Short and sweet today – if you’re over 50, get checked.

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The Budget

U.S. Federal Spending FY 2008

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I think we all know by now that politics is not a topic of conversation in this space.  However, sometimes things going on  in politics lead us to insights about business and hopefully that’s the case today.

You’re probably aware that there’s a “discussion” of sorts going on with respect to the Federal Budget (I use quotes because it often seems to be less of a discussion than a topic about which to issue press releases stressing one’s unwavering position as if that’s helping us all).    I’m kind of amused that all we seem to hear about is how we need to cut spending (we do) and not a lot about how to grow revenues.  Which of course got me thinking about it in business terms. Continue reading

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Cover Bands

Wide World of Sports (U.S. TV series)

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I suspect any of us who ever tried to play rock music for a living were, at some point, in a cover band.  Heck, a couple of my favorite bands – The Grateful Dead and The E Street Band – are just as well-known for some kick-ass cover versions of other people’s songs as they are for some of their original work.  There is absolutely nothing wrong with doing a cover.  You probably didn’t know it was a business thought too! Continue reading

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Changing It Up

Matzah: unleavened bread

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This Foodie Friday is taking place in the midst of Passover, the annual celebration of matzoh and laxatives (trust me on this) that commemorates the Jews’ salvation and departure from Egypt.  For those of you who don’t celebrate it, the traditions of the holiday go far beyond not eating bread.  In fact there is a fairly lengthy list of proscribed foods which, depending on from which part of the Jewish world your family comes, can include corn, beans, and other things one wouldn’t immediately associate with unleavened bread.

I usually make the celebratory Passover meal for our family which of course makes me think of a quick business lesson.  Food and business?  Must be Friday! Continue reading

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A Brief Plea To The One On The Phone

Phone Man

Image by KB35 via Flickr

Maybe it’s a lack of respect. Maybe it’s just that too many of us were raised believing that we were the center of the universe and could do no wrong. Or maybe it’s just that I’m too damn old and I don’t get it. But someone, as Ricky used to say, has some ‘splainin’ to do.
Been on a train lately? Or how about in a checkout line? Waiting for movie tickets? Then you’ve probably seen – or heard – it too. Let’s discuss. Continue reading


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