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Getting Scoped

Stomach colon rectum diagram.

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I’m writing this well in advance of you reading it.  While I usually write the day I publish something, I’m kind of tied up today having a colonoscopy.  For those of you under 50, this is something that will become a regular (if every 5 years or so is regular) part of your life going forward.  It’s to make sure that you and colon cancer don’t become acquainted.  Even though the disease is very curable if caught early, because there aren’t any real symptoms until it’s too late you need to have this exam to catch it when it’s very treatable if it’s there.  Obviously it’s not like checking yourself for lumps or funny moles.  But there’s kind of a business point to be made (you knew that was coming).

You see, most business problems are treatable if they’re found early.  Like the exam I’m having today, the process isn’t always pleasant, critical though it may be.  Lots of folks avoid the short-term discomfort and find themselves facing a much worse situation down the road.  Annual budget reviews are mostly rubber stamps.  You not seeing any  symptoms – why upset things and dig too deeply, right?  Wrong.  Don’t run your health that way and don’t run your business that way either.

Short and sweet today – if you’re over 50, get checked.

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