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One of my favorite magazines will be the subject of today’s Foodie Fun Friday post. As with most of my food posts, there are business lessons contained herein – but also some info on making fine eats! Continue reading

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The Oldest Profession

You’re thinking I’m talking about the ladies of the night? Well, in a way I am, as you’ll see.  Today’s post is about the Craigslist controversy.  As you may have read, a number of states attorneys general have decided to get some publicity by singling out the online classified site for its “erotic services” section. From what I gather, a number of escorts, “masseuses” and plain old hookers use the site to troll for clients. Easier than standing on a corner, I guess, although the principle is the same.  Continue reading

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Talk To Me

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When you’re having a conversation with your friends, do you try to sell them your latest MLM scheme? When you start up a discussion at a dinner party about the economy, is their response usually about how to position your portfolio for success NOW? I didn’t think so.  So why do you, or anyone else, think that this is totally acceptable behavior in conversational media? Continue reading

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