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One of my favorite magazines will be the subject of today’s Foodie Fun Friday post. As with most of my food posts, there are business lessons contained herein – but also some info on making fine eats! Continue reading

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The Oldest Profession

You’re thinking I’m talking about the ladies of the night? Well, in a way I am, as you’ll see.  Today’s post is about the Craigslist controversy.  As you may have read, a number of states attorneys general have decided to get some publicity by singling out the online classified site for its “erotic services” section. From what I gather, a number of escorts, “masseuses” and plain old hookers use the site to troll for clients. Easier than standing on a corner, I guess, although the principle is the same.  Continue reading

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Talk To Me

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When you’re having a conversation with your friends, do you try to sell them your latest MLM scheme? When you start up a discussion at a dinner party about the economy, is their response usually about how to position your portfolio for success NOW? I didn’t think so.  So why do you, or anyone else, think that this is totally acceptable behavior in conversational media? Continue reading

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The Vegetable Garden

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This is the time of year (well, maybe a little beyond it) when I get focused on planting my vegetable garden.  My wife and I both love summer tomatoes.  In fact, they’re one reason why we moved out of the city almost 30 years ago – we wanted to be able to grow and eat produce fresh out of the garden and there weren’t any farm stands in NYC then; neither was there space to grow one’s own. We’ve grown peppers of all sorts, tomatoes, eggplant, herbs, and other things depending on availably of plant stock and our mood. Continue reading

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Whole Hog

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Today marks one year to the day since we started down this blogging road together.  This is post number 233, and at about 325 or so words per post, you guys have been generous enough to put up with 75,000 words.  Hopefully one or two of them have amused you and a couple of others have made you go “ah HA!”  Thank you for your attention, your comments, and your patience. Continue reading


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Hype or Hope?

Once again this morning there is conflicting information about the value of social media:

Despite its popularity, socnet platforms – including Facebook, Twitter and the like – have failed to demonstrate prowess as marketing tools, and possibly never will, according to Knowledge Networks, which released the report, titled “How People Use Social Media.”

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Not So Spry

Yesterday, I had one of those nasty experiences that teach us a lot about good business practices. The story I’m about to tell you doesn’t contain much in the way of news but it does serve to remind us all about a few areas of best practices.

I use Spry to host my web site and my company mail. I access my mail via Thunderbird, Gmail, or my Blackberry depending on where I am and on what computer.  When things became, as they say in the movies, “quiet…too quiet”, I dug a little deeper. Continue reading

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