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The Great One

Ice hockey player Wayne Gretzky, Chicago, Illinois
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I spoke today with someone who has a great love for and knowledge of hockey.   While I share his love I’m afraid I’m way behind in the knowledge department despite my having been immersed in the game for many years.  We were chatting about the uncertain times in which we live and how much time I spend working with companies trying to sort through where they are and how they’ll succeed despite the current circumstances.  His response was to recall one of hockey’s most famous quotes.
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Top Chef

Last night was the finale of Top Chef. If you’re watching the show but didn’t catch last night’s program, quit reading because the rest of this post is about the business lessons we can learn from the winners and losers and you might not know who they are yet. But for those of you who do know (or don’t care), there are a few important takeaways from how the judging went down. The three finalists – Carla, Hosea, and Stefan – were dramatically different personalities and it was those personalities as much as their cooking skills that determined the outcome. Continue reading

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The Real Deal

I was watching Anthony Bourdain the other night on the Travel Channel.  For you foodies out there, his No Reservations is consistently one of the best of the “foodologues” out there.  This week, his program was about disappearing NYC restaurants.  If you haven’t seen the show, I’d urge you to find it and not just for the food.  You see, for those of us who grew up in and around NYC, the real food served in these places is going the way that the real Times Square did.  Continue reading

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Sports It’s Not

World Wrestling Entertainment, Inc.
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As we get to the end of the month, I’m reminded of the monthly traffic reports we’d get from the syndicated services such as Comscore.  While we had our 24/7 monitoring and knew what traffic was doing, the syndicated services were important data since clients, agencies, and other used them for cross-site comparisons between the various sports leagues and teams.  One thing that always bugged me was the inclusion in the rankings of a number of sites that weren’t content sites (Cabelas – sorry – commerce and shopping, not news content) as well as content sites that weren’t sports, and the inclusion of the WWE in our category was the biggest distortion of all. Continue reading


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Long Gloves and Tweed

Long white vintage gloves
Image by Swing Candy via Flickr

Have you ever been out someplace and seen an older woman dressed up in tweeds, long gloves, and a hat? You probably didn’t give her much thought but she is a perfect example of what’s happened to a lot of media and marketers. At one point in time, she was fashionably outfitted and may even have stood out for her good taste. Today, she’s an anachronism. You see, the world changed and she didn’t. Continue reading

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We’re All In This Together

You’re an artist and you play to make yourself happy.  Having spent some of my life as a performing musician, I know the joys of practicing (and that’s not sarcasm) to get better and do things you couldn’t before.  But I believe it would be hard to find any performer who didn’t think it was even better when you had an audience there to support you and show you some love for all that hard work.  You’re in it together. Continue reading


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I Can’t See So It Must Be Dark

Times are tough. I know – huge news. But one would think that because of that marketers would be exceptionally careful with every penny.  One would think…and one would be wrong!  Need proof?  How about this: Continue reading

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