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What it looks like when something tastes bad.

For this Foodie Friday, I want to continue yesterday’s theme on the Power of Better.  I’m sure we all know someone who can walk into your kitchen, look at or taste what you’re making and offer up a suggestion to improve it.  This may be the same person with whom you share a recipe and when you taste it as they prepare it the dish is better than when you cook it.  Inevitably you ask them about that and they say  “Oh, I made a few changes to your recipe.”  They “tweaked” it a bit and it’s better.  But it raises a corollary to yesterday’s theme and I want to share it. Continue reading

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The Power Of Better

An incandescent light bulb.

I was sitting in a local tech meet-up last evening watching a demo of a new video service. One criterion I always use to evaluate new stuff is “does it solve a problem and is that problem of a size that’s big enough to support a business?” This does (note to self – a post soon on SWAP’s – Solutions Without A Problem) but so do the other 20 or 30 solutions addressing the issue. So what makes this one a winner?

Simply put – The Power of Better. I think there is great power in innovating but I also think there is just as much – arguably more – power in being better and I can prove it. Continue reading

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Tit For Tat

Image representing News Corporation as depicte...

I was reading something yesterday which, on the surface, seems pretty innocuous but which, in my opinion, can herald the start of a really dangerous trend.  Then again, given the state of some parts of the media today, maybe I’m just late to the dance.  As usual, I’ll let you guys decide.

The article was written in the Sydney Morning Herald (you have to love the way we all can read any paper in the world!) and features everyone’s favorite media baron, Rupert.  It’s not so much as what’s here but where the road leads. Continue reading

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