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Thinking Personally

I spent yesterday at the OMMA Mobile conference. Very interesting although it kind of felt like everything old is new again in some ways. Much of what we’ve gone through in the development of the web is being repeated in mobile, including the reluctance of marketers to embrace a medium that is way more developed than most of them understand.  Mobile devices (I don’t like to think of them as phones since that’s very limiting) are personal, PC‘s are not. There are several times as many mobile devices as there are phones and more and more of them have high speed data access and can run applications.  There was a ton of great research presented and I’ll have more on that at some other time. Continue reading

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Clean Up Your Act

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I was cleaning out my spam folder the other day and I found a piece of commercial email that had been labeled as spam.  And I know who the culprit is that made that happen:  me! Continue reading

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Phone Insurance

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My eldest daughter is telephonically challenged.  It’s not that she has trouble using a cell phone – she’s got that part mastered.  No, she has issues keeping her cellular lifeline in one piece, out of “liquid”, and in her possession.  I guess this offsets her many wonderful qualities!

When it came time to buy her the latest replacement phone, she opted for a Blackberry.  Bigger, harder to lose, more functional, but way more expensive.  So we opted to pay AT&T the $5 a month to insure the thing in case anything ever happened.  Well, it did and what a revelation. Continue reading

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Bacon Overdone

I know it’s not Friday but I’m going to let food set the theme to day as well. The Mrs. and I were watching TV last night when on came a story about Tony’s Restaurant in Birch Run Michigan. Tony’s is renowned for selling enormous portions of food at fair prices and, in particular, for their BLT sandwich which contains over a pound of bacon.  Obviously, not eating anything bigger than your head doesn’t apply here. Continue reading

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Food Brothers

It’s Fun Food Friday and today’s screed comes out of my recent trip.  Over the years, our group figured out that the cost/value equation for the roster of restaurants in Myrtle Beach was way out of whack and we’d be far better off cooking for ourselves a few nights.  The condos where we stay have grills and we take full advantage of them. Continue reading

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Shredded Wheat, Honestly

As I was catching up on my reading yesterday, there was a quote in an article which resonated although not in the way the speaker might have hoped.  A brand manager for Shredded Wheat was talking about how his product is basing its new campaign on simplicity (one ingredient) and lack of change (how can you change the one ingredient??).  While I think the campaign is fine, I quibble with this quote:

“There’s been a marked change in American values, with a greater desire for honesty, trustworthiness and security during a time of economic and societal uncertainly…”

I disagree.  Those values have always been there in consumers’ minds.  What’s changed is sort of related to Maslow’s hierarchy.  As people’s economic lives are threatened, the reliance on their very basic consuming needs becomes more visible although those needs have always been there.   There is no “greater desire,” just greater visibility on the surface.

Did anyone you know accept that his Lexus dealer was dishonest because the car was so good?  No.  Marketers who ignore the very basic tenets such as honesty and the other things delineated above are in deep trouble.  While they may talk about a lot of other issues in their campaigns, I believe all consumers want to be able to assume that the ad is honest, the advertiser is honest, and the product is trustworthy.  No amount of great marketing can overcome a bad or dishonest  product.  The same is true of your business even if you’re in a service area.  Am I off base here?

As an aside, we drove right where the wild fires are in Myrtle Beach last week.  Let’s think good thoughts for the folks down there.

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Earth Day

Today is Earth Day.   Some folks think it’s ridiculous although I’m not sure why.  These tend to be the same folks that are wondering why it’s so cold when “global warming” is supposed to be heating up the planet (see “What’s Your Name”).  In any event, since we have days to show our appreciation for Administrative Assistants, the UN, and a Groundhog, I think it’s probably OK to show a little love to the planet on which we live. Continue reading

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