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I’m Back!

Myrtle Beach, SC Spring Break 2007 33
Image by Curtis and Eric via Flickr

Going away for a few days has a number of benefits. You clear your head, you reconnect with friends, and you find out that sleep is NOT overrated! What’s different about going away now is that many of us are so caught up in our digital lives that we hardly ever take a step back and look at them since they move so fast.
I had that chance. the condo in which we were staying had no WiFi access so my communication was limited to email via Blackberry. Most web sites are not yet optimized for mobile access (get that on your “to-do” lists, folks) and the 3G network access was off and on. Using a dial-in connection just isn’t feasible since most sites routinely ignore their page weight – with so much broadband access out there, why not?
So I didn’t use my RSS reader and mostly stayed off Twitter and LinkedIn. Nope, I want to tune out a bit and here is what I think I figured out. Continue reading

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I’m Almost Back!

I know I’ve not posted for an extra day or so but I’m recharging my batteries.  New stuff tomorrow!  Thanks for stopping by.

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Spirit Airlines
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Imagine reading an ad for a cheap movie ticket.  Instead of paying the usual $10.50, the ticket is $3 and it’s a brand new movie you’ve been waiting to see.  You rush to the box office and buy tickets for your and your significant other.  The ticket seller takes your $6 and before handing you the tickets asks “would you two like to sit together? Continue reading

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I leave tomorrow morning on an annual trip I take to Myrtle Beach.  In theory it’s a golf outing but it’s more of a 5 day stay in a rest home getting my batteries recharged.  13 of us go, 12 of whom play golf.  The other guy is a “social member” – most golf clubs have them – who enjoys the non-golf activities – cards, movies, and general guy banter.  Like “Fight Club“, the first rule is we don’t really talk about it.  However, what I can talk about that these are the guys whom I trust, to whom I can turn for advice, and who are honest – often brutally so – with me about everything from my golf game to my attitude.  For all of the social networking tools available out there, nothing beats the face to face contact with this group for me. There is a business lesson in this as well. Continue reading

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You Can’t Buy A Swing


While I’m sure most of you aren’t as obsessed with golf as I am, I hope you managed to watch some of The Masters yesterday.  Even if you don’t like golf, it was hard not to get caught up in the excitement of Phil, Tiger, Kenny Perry, Angel, and Chad.  Watching them it was interesting to notice how different each of their swings is and it brought to mind the golf truism that “you can’t buy a swing.”  Of course, there are supermarket-sized golf stores that cater to those who believe otherwise. The reality is that a repeatable, dependable golf swing comes in many variations and is the result of years of practice.  Just like business! Continue reading

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Jewish Thanksgiving

Handmade shmura matzo
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This week’s Foodie Fun Friday post is dedicated to all of you who won’t be using the bathroom for the next week.  You know who you are.  But the gentiles out there are wondering “what could he possibly mean?  What could possibly stop someone up that badly?”  Well, dear readers, Passover started Wednesday night and by now, most Jewish homes have had two Seders. With those Seders goes matzo and when we say hello to the matzo, we say “buh-bye” to regularity. Continue reading

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The Masters

Masters Tournament
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This is one of my favorite days of the year.  Competition begins today in The Masters.  It’s not just that it’s the first of golf’s major championships but also that it’s one of the big harbingers of Spring along with the opening of the baseball season and lighting the grill for the first time each year.  But there is one other thing about The Masters that make it one of, if not the, most unusual events in sport.   Is it that it’s the only major championship played on the same course each year?  No.  That it’s an invitational?  No. Continue reading

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