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Playing For The Push


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I’m in Las Vegas on business.  Of course, all work and no play isn’t a good thing and almost an impossible thing in this town.  Naturally I found myself sitting down for a few hands of Pai Gow Poker.  I can hear the serious gamblers out there moaning because it’s a slow-paced, uncomplicated game (unlike business!) but it’s also extremely social.  Most real gamblers don’t like the pace, the lack of a lot of “action” and are annoyed by conversations that go longer than “hit me” or “$10 behind the 6”.

Simply, the dealer gives you seven cards and you need to make a five-card poker hand and a two card hand out of them.  To win, both your hands have to beat the dealer’s two hands.  The interesting thing about Pai Gow is that there are times when you’re hoping not to lose more than you’re expecting or even trying to win and have to play your cards accordingly.  What actually happens is that you win one hand and lose one hand.  My traveling companion, who is just learning the game, said it well – you’re playing for the push.  I, of course, immediately said “blog post” and here’s why. Continue reading

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Do Something!

Voltaire, one of the leading figures of the En...

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Think back to your days in school (or for those of you still there, recall last month!) You know what was worse than handing in a crappy paper? Not handing in anything at all. We’ve all been there – we have great ideas, we spend a fair bit of time doing research and we come with lots of new, interesting choices about where to take our discussion.  In fact, sometimes we have so many good choices that we get hung up trying to pick the perfect one and end up missing our deadline or handing in a rush job.  Good bye brilliance; hello remedial English.

Business is the same way and I’ve found the digital business in particular to suffer from Voltaire’s favorite enemy:  perfection. Continue reading

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Club Atlético River Plate

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How many of you are familiar with the concept of relegation?  In sport we see it most notably in international club soccer, where the bottom teams in a league are sent down to a lower division and the top performers in that lower division rise up to play in the higher tier.  Obviously, there are financial implications and clubs that are built on one set of economic premises based on playing in a top league often suffer severe hardships when they are relegated.

What got me thinking about this was a note from my buddy Oz about River Plate‘s relegation in Argentine football.  One of the oldest clubs in the world, this is the first time they’ve been out of the top division since…well…never.  This is the first time.  So what does this have to do with you? Continue reading

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