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Ernest Hemingway

Cover of Ernest Hemingway

You might have noticed from time to time that I’m redundant in this space.  You might find a few awkward turns of a phrase.  Maybe you think my grammar is off or that I’m taking 100 words to say something that you could express in 10.  You’re probably not wrong.

I don’t have an editor.  Believe me, it’s not because I’m sensitive about being corrected:  I’d welcome the advice.  It’s more due to the fact that this screed is a blog and is supposed to be kind of raw.  But what we do in business isn’t blogging and I want to spend a minute on that today. Continue reading


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The Big Man

Clarence Clemons

Cover of Clarence Clemons

Devastating news over the weekend about the passing of Clarence Clemons from complications arising from the stroke he had a week ago. I suppose it shouldn’t have been such a shock since the early reports on his condition weren’t that great, but it was. I’ve lost count of how many times I’ve seen Scooter and The Big Man over the last almost 40 years and knowing I won’t see the two of them together again makes me sad.
As I’ve had time to think about this over the last 36 hours, two things did cross my mind that I think are right for this space and I hope you do as well. Continue reading

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Something Had To Give

I know it’s Friday and we usually do something food-related, but since we covered a food topic earlier this week, today it’s media.  There was an interesting piece earlier this week about the changing viewing habits of younger folks.  Not surprisingly, at least to me, is what the Nielsen study found and I want to share it with you today in case you missed it.  I suppose that the main point is that there are only 24 hours in a day, and even if you DVR or otherwise capture 96 hours worth of content in those 24 hours, you still have to find the time to watch it.  But here are the facts and you tell me what you think. Continue reading

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Answer Me!

Image representing Twitter as depicted in Crun...

Image via CrunchBase

We’ve talked a lot over the last couple of years in this space about companies and social media.  We’ve talked about how it’s not like printing a magazine ad or a TV commercial, meaning that those media are shot, edited, distributed and done.  Social media is a commitment; it requires support and maintenance.  You’ve been with me on that, right?

Apparently, we’re kind of alone out here kids, or at least I’m led to believe that based on some research I read the other day.  But maybe I’m overreacting – let’s see what you think. Continue reading

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Don’t Know Much About History

The NBC Nightly News had a report last night about kids and their knowledge of American history.  Anyone who cares about either education or history would find the report disturbing and this AP article reported on the same facts:

Just 13 percent of high school seniors who took the 2010 National Assessment of Educational Progress — called the Nation’s Report Card — showed solid academic performance in American history. The two other grade levels tested didn’t perform much better, with just 22 percent of fourth-grade students and 18 percent of eighth-graders scoring proficient or better.

Beleive it or not, there are some implications to business too. Continue reading


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Invisible Customers

Whole Foods | Austin, TX

Image-That Other Paper/Flickr

The Mrs. had an interesting experience this morning. A new Whole Foods opened up nearby and after running some other errands she went in to shop on the early side. In fact, she was just about the only customer in the place.
As she walked in she sensed a different kind of energy and asked a staff member if something was going on. It turned out that something was indeed going on: a visit to the new store by the corporate CEO and other higher-ups. And that’s when the interesting experience began. Continue reading

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Clarence Clemons

Image by AWKWORDrap via Flickr

Sad news this morning about The Big Man, Clarence Clemons. Reports are that he had a stroke over the weekend and isn’t doing well. This got me thinking about The Boss, of course, and another article from Rolling Stone (thanks Phil) that a friend posted in their Facebook stream about some great musical collaborations Bruce has had. In my mind, none is better than that with Clarence (OK, maybe with Steven too) and I’m hoping this illness is just a bump in the road.

Of course, the collaboration article got me thinking about business and let’s see if you agree. Continue reading

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