Here’s the thing – not much stands still.  Technology is a moving target and all the things which technology touches – which probably includes your business – need to move along with it.  I started to write “or else” after that sentence but the reality is that there is no “else.”  You move or you die, kind of like the myth about sharks.  Let me tell you about a case I know which demonstrates why.

There’s a CEO I know who is exceptionally smart but whose paranoia exceeds his intelligence.  He doesn’t like to make decisions because he know that the right decisions would contribute to his departure from his company.  He’s not behind technologically – in fact, quite the opposite.  He does, however, minimize his use of tech in some areas to assure that uncovering the facts about how his business is running are more difficult to assemble.  He knows everything in great detail, but others have a hard time getting the same information.  Part of his claim is that “the systems” don’t make it possible to compile data expeditiously and the analysis takes even longer.

No one believes him.  We all are surrounded by enough readily available technology and business intelligence systems to know that he’s full of it.  His denial of technology and his unwillingness to move along with it is going to cost him his job.  I think he knows that – he is smart enough to be a few steps ahead of a guy like me who can see it from the outside.  But he’s going to hang on as long as he can, I guess.

I’m not sure what today’s point is other than you can run but you can’t hide.  Eventually the guy in our example will get forced out, either because the data becomes available to his board or because his inability to get the data makes his board mad enough to can him.   Lots of games we played as kids involved hiding – the grown up world of business doesn’t.


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