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Mixed Messages

Dan Aykroyd (left) and Joh...

One of my favorite scenes in the Blues Brothers comes when Jake (John Belushi) is confronted by his ex-girlfriend (Carrie Fisher) in a tunnel as he’s making his escape from yet another dicey situation.  Having been stood up at the alter by Jake several years prior, she is in no mood for a discussion of the issues.  She wants action now! Please keep reading

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Mickey Doh

jpeg image, McDonalds museum (Ray Kroc's first...

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I saw this morning that McDonald’s is changing the packaging of their products.  They’re using the outside of their “clamshells” in a different way – placing photographs and graphics of their food and ingredients, as well as playful stories and information about the products on the boxes of burgers, fish sandwiches, etc. Hungry for more?

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What is it about some people?  I’m not sure why, once they’ve achieved a position of power, they assume the rules no longer apply to them.  Instead, they’ve become bulletproof – the conventional array of ethical and social behavior is inoperative and they can do whatever the heck they want at will.  Is there anyone of whom you can think that actually lives to tell that tale? Continue reading


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Where’s Moe?

Moe Howard

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“What’s that for? I didn’t do nuthin’!” “That’s in case ya do and I’m not around!”
Larry and Moe (HOI POLLOI, 1935)

One of the things I do as a consultant is to provide experience to inexperienced professionals.  Generally, these are people who don’t have a lot of years in business or a lot of years in the particular business in which they now find themselves.  In a few words, I’m the grown-up. Continue reading

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Politics? Business?

Once again we find great business lessons in the world of politics.  It’s not really that far-fetched, by the way, that I keep making these comparisons.  How often do you hear about politicians as products?  Anyway – today’s lesson has to do with sending out messages by your actions that are different from the actions your words suggest would be in tune with your brand identity. Continue reading

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Chickens and Eggs

There is no doubt that changing economic conditions force changes in business operations.  Unfortunately, as things have been turning sour, a number of digital businesses have been downsizing.  In fact, ClickZ is beginning to track what’s been going on with respect to industry layoffs although I think their numbers are way low.  However, it does raise an interesting question. Continue reading

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What have you done for YOU today?  If you’re like almost everyone I know, it’s probably not much.  You might have taken care of the cats by spending 3 minutes feeding them and another 3 petting them.  Did you spend 6 minutes on you?  If you think you look like this fat tub of you know what, did you spend 10 minutes umm…you know..lightening the load? Continue reading

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