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Something Had To Give

I know it’s Friday and we usually do something food-related, but since we covered a food topic earlier this week, today it’s media.  There was an interesting piece earlier this week about the changing viewing habits of younger folks.  Not surprisingly, at least to me, is what the Nielsen study found and I want to share it with you today in case you missed it.  I suppose that the main point is that there are only 24 hours in a day, and even if you DVR or otherwise capture 96 hours worth of content in those 24 hours, you still have to find the time to watch it.  But here are the facts and you tell me what you think. Continue reading

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Top hat as an icon for magic

Is there anyone you know who isn’t fascinated by magic? Whether we go back to wizards in ancient courts or right to today with Penn and Teller, David Blaine, or Chriss Angel, I think most people enjoy a good magic trick. Inevitably, you find yourself uttering “how did he do that?” out loud. Well, it’s pretty easy to find out how they performed the trick. A quick search and we know it all. Or do we? Continue reading

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Amuse Yourselves

Amish children playing baseball, Lyndonville, ...

Sorry about being away for 2 days – duty calls, kids – not that I don’t feel as if I have an obligation to you! In any event, as I was flying about I started to think about the differences between how entertainment used to work when we were kids and how it works now.  It’s a lot more than the differences between lean back and lean forward.  It’s changed not only the nature of how we consume things but what those things are. Continue reading

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