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Gift Horses

A golf ball.

No food-related posts today so I reserve the right to do an additional one next week! Instead, I want to report back on another “what are they thinking” moment I had yesterday. It’s another example of good marketing intentions gone horribly awry and instead of winning new fans, alienating a good customer. Continue reading

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Check It Out

Snopes logo

As usual we’re going to avoid politics today but I’m going to use a piece from a political site to make my point, if you don’t mind.
A political site picked up a story that a blogger did recently which was an analysis of presidential rumors on the site the link is there for those of you that want to read the source material which reviews the number of rumors floating around on each president as well as the percentages of those proven to be true. The point isn’t the politics of this – it’s that someone took the time to find out. Continue reading

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Right Here, Right Now

A medical/clinical thermometer showing the tem...

How are you feeling today? Is it the same as you felt yesterday or a week ago? I don’t just mean physically but also mentally. Did you have a good night’s sleep? Are you more awake as you read this than you were a couple of hours ago?
I’m asking because how we feel – our mental acuity, our mood, our aches and pains – effects how we interact with marketing. And that’s part of the problem. Continue reading

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