Right Here, Right Now

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How are you feeling today? Is it the same as you felt yesterday or a week ago? I don’t just mean physically but also mentally. Did you have a good night’s sleep? Are you more awake as you read this than you were a couple of hours ago?
I’m asking because how we feel – our mental acuity, our mood, our aches and pains – effects how we interact with marketing. And that’s part of the problem.
Traditional methods of marketing are relatively fixed. On one extreme, print ads never change once they’re published. Bet all those folks with Tiger in their ads were wishing they could get back all the copies as the scandals kept emerging and they dropped him as a spokesperson.  It takes a bit of time to change the content itself and the old ads never die.
TV is sort of the same way although a marketer can certainly get the ads off the air quickly. However, to change the content generally requires a bit of time – an edit session at a minimum, another script and a total re-shoot at a maximum.  Radio, especially if it’s a live read, is easier to change.

My point is that the best way to market today is, as best one can, tap into the mood of those with whom you’re trying to engage in conversation.  When you run into someone at the coffee machine or on the street, the fist question you generally ask is “how are you?”  We’re programmed that way – you might not want to give bad news to someone is a bad mood, you might not want to discuss a complex work issue with someone who is preoccupied with something else (or hungover).  Most traditional forms of advertising have no ability to ask that question.  They’re not “right now.”

Digital can make that happen and it’s not even all digital.  While display ads don’t take long to create, search and social take even less time and that’s why, I think, they’re becoming an increasingly important mandatory part of the marketing mix.

Who is doing this well?  What ads have you seen that capture the essence of “right now” well and, therefore, really resonated with you?

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