Service By Design

I’ve gone on at some length in this space about customer service and those companies that do it badly.  Today, I’d like to write about one that does it well and explain why I feel that way.  It’s nice to applaud rather than boo for a change!

I go on a golf trip each year.   I’ve also written about that band of brothers before but I don’t think I mentioned that one thing each guy brings is a gift for the others.  Generally these are relatively inexpensive – golf balls, pen knives – that sort of thing.  I think the biggest thing ever given to the rest of us was a cruise on the Inter-coastal Waterway one afternoon.  My contribution for the last few years has been a commemorative T-shirt of some sort.  I get them from a company named DesignAShirt and they’re the recipient of my applause today.

I uploaded the design for this year’s shirt into their site.  The artwork was actually a few pieces layered on top of one another.  The site is incredibly easy to use and it took me only about 15 minutes to get the shirt designed the way I wanted it.  Time to get a price quote.  I input the sizes (knowing I’d have to pay extra for the XXL versions I’d need for some guys) and up came my number.  It was well more than I’d paid before and I was surprised since their prices are always very reasonable.

When I looked down at the order, it showed I was asking for a 3-color front and a 1-color back.  That was the problem – I only wanted 1 color on each side yet the site wouldn’t reflect the correction I tried to make.  Now what?

DesignAShirt is committed enough to customer service to offer several means of contacting them.  The one I chose was the most immediate – click on a button have have a real-time IM session with a support rep.  Usually these are not very productive – there are language barriers sometimes, the rep doesn’t seem to know how to use the system, etc.  Not this time.

Sarah was with me in 30 seconds.  I explained the problem and she figured it out immediately.  I had uploaded my own art and the system sometimes identifies each layer as a color.  She fixed it and the price came back down.  Then, because I’d been inconvenienced, she offered me a discount.

That’s a perfect experience.  An experienced rep who identified the problem immediately.  She didn’t make me feel like an idiot for needing help. She was equipped and authorized to fix it on the spot.   To assure there was no ill will she, on behalf of the company, went one step further and gave me a discount on my order.  Think I’ll be ordering here again?  The quality of the work is great, the shipping is free and the product arrives on time.  “A”‘s across the board.

Sorry to sound like a shill but that sort of perfect batting average is rare.  Remember, it’s not that problems don’t occur – it’s how you fix them and how the customer feels about the fix.

Any of you have a similar experience of great customer service?  Share!

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2 responses to “Service By Design

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  2. marc

    if only the TELCOs could take a page out that book…

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