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A Lot on Their Plates

I’m stretching the whole “Friday Foodie Fun” thing this week since in all candor this post has very little to do with food. It does, however, have a lot to do with creosote Actually, more like over-eating – Mr. Creosote is alive and well and living in digital media. Huh? Continue reading

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The Silent Treatment

Apple Inc.

I was trained to teach high school English.  If you want to try a presentation skills challenge, try presenting poetry structure to the non college-bound freshmen at 8:30 in the morning.  You almost have to set yourself on fire to get their full attention and many mornings I had a can of lighter fluid in hand as I reached my wit’s end.  But then I realized that all I had to do was shut up.  Inevitably, the class would calm down and listen up, often to hear who was on their way to the dean’s office. Continue reading


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Milli Vanilli

Alternative cover

“It’s not about being authentic anymore, it’s about entertaining,” says the man whose Grammy for best new artist was revoked 20 years ago — the only take-back in Recording Academy history.  That’s a quote from an article this morning in USA Today which I thought was about more than music.  In fact, if you read between the lines, there are some great business lessons in there which have nothing to do with making music! Continue reading

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Cooler Heads

I’d really like to write about politics since I think there is so much going on that’s grounds for an interesting discussion. But I won’t. Want to know why? It’s because I want you to finish reading my stuff and not dismiss it because of some political position I’ve taken.  It’s because too many folks get aggravated just by the thought of discussing political matters and that aggravation gets in the way of a productive discussion. It’s really interesting how a simple question about anything in current events can lead to polarized yelling.  People see their positions, not words,  and quit reading.  So while you may think there’s some political message coming, you’re wrong. Continue reading

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Content Tapas

Tapas party

I love tapas.   You probably do too although you may not think of them as such.  In Spain, these are little plates of food – a few bites – that traditionally have been eaten while you’re at a bar.  In Italy, particularly in Venice, they’re called cicchetti – bite sized appetizers.  Bar food.  Go on, admit it.  How often have you looked at a menu and ordered 3 or 4 appetizers while skipping an entrée?  They’re the stuff of which great bar hopping experiences are made.  Meals you eat in snack-able portions.  We’ve become a culture of snackers, and it’s not just in food. Continue reading

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Tin Ear

Current logo was used since 1986

Sometimes you just have to say you can’t make this stuff up.

As I’m hitting the computer this morning, Twitter is buzzing over a big aftershock that hit Haiti. Horrible breaking news that affects millions of people and, now, thousands of relief workers as well.

I read in the Times online about the election result in Massachusetts and how it could affect the lives of millions by impacting the health care legislation.

As I’m getting ready to go to some meetings today, I flipped on The Today Show thinking I’d learn a little more about these topics on the 7:30 news update. Right?

Not so much. Top Story? A rumor that Tiger Woods is at a sex rehab clinic in Mississippi, complete with a live stand-up from a reporter NBC sent there, a story that impacts 2 people directly.  Frankly, I was so shocked by the choice of stories that I didn’t really hear what the guy was saying other than that the clinic is becoming a tourist attratction.

NBC News is a respected news organization that ought to know a lot better.  Or maybe I’m the one with a tin ear and not their producers.  What do you think?

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Hurt vs. Injured

Graph of typical Operating System placement on...

Let’s play pretend.  Pretend there is a team of people working on a web project together.  The team has reached the very end of the build and is hoping to get it launched soon.  Suddenly, one sector of the team decides they don’t like the way something looks and proposes a change.   Making the change might make the product look nicer but it won’t affect the way it works.  Nothing is broken – it’s just not pretty.  With deadlines looming, do you make the change? Continue reading

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