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Fall Is For Football

SVG drawing of a baseball.

I was driving back to the office yesterday and passed the Little League fields here in town.  It was late on a beautiful fall afternoon and there were a couple of games going on.  I’m guessing the kids were somewhere around 10 or 11 and from the looks of their uniforms they had been playing for a bit.

I had an immediate reaction to this and it probably wasn’t what you’d expect.  Oh sure, I think it’s great that they were outside and playing instead of vegging out in front of the TV or video game.  But I found it kind of disturbing and it kicked off a business thought as well.  Let me explain. Continue reading

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Life On The Virtual Frontier

You’ve already had your foodie post for this week so I’m going to move on to something else today.  In fact, even if I had a great foodie post for you (which I don’t), the thing I want to write about is probably more important and hopefully more interesting in any event.

I’ve written before about the completely different way people are wired these days as a result of digital media.  Because of that, I doubt you have an extra hour and a half lying around, but if you do I would strongly urge you to watch the piece Frontline aired earlier this week.  It’s available online if you click here and it’s a great look a what’s happening to us all but especially to young people, as a result of how our lives have been altered by all the digital distractions around us. Continue reading

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A Lot on Their Plates

I’m stretching the whole “Friday Foodie Fun” thing this week since in all candor this post has very little to do with food. It does, however, have a lot to do with consumption.mr creosote Actually, more like over-eating – Mr. Creosote is alive and well and living in digital media. Huh? Continue reading

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