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A few brief thoughts.  It’s the weekend – I don’t normally post now but these horrible things going on in India got me thinking.

Gandhi liberated India, not by raising a gun but by raising nothing more than his voice and the world’s consciousness.

We have an African American President elect.  That reflects Martin Luther King committing peaceful acts, not taking hostages.

During the Vietnam war, Buddhist monks lit themselves on fire to protest, not buildings or other people.

To lead, one needs to set a positive example.  That’s true whether you’re a business or a person.  It’s particularly true if you’re asking the world to rethink something, whether it’s you, your business, or a political situation.  Ask yourself if the business behavior in which you’re engaged would pass that test.

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My wife had to run out to the store yesterday.  With both daughters and assorted friends and family putting in appearances over the next few days, we had to stock up on items such as soda that are generally not consumed by the two of us or the dog in large quantities so we don’t have much around the house. Continue reading

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A roast turkey as part of a traditional U.S. T...

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Thanksgiving is a lot of work in my house – maybe in yours as well.  If you’ve been reading along, you know that the menu planning, shopping, and prep work has been going on for several days and today (Wednesday) is the biggest of the prep days.   Tomorrow is focused on bringing all the pieces together, hopefully at the same time, and entertaining the horde that will descend.  I like to think of those pieces as the three “F”s. Continue reading

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