My wife had to run out to the store yesterday.  With both daughters and assorted friends and family putting in appearances over the next few days, we had to stock up on items such as soda that are generally not consumed by the two of us or the dog in large quantities so we don’t have much around the house.

At the local megasupertoodamnbig market, she was in the soda aisle looking for Fresca (big favorite here).  Nothing.  Not a bottle or can to be had and, in fact, not even a space for them on the shelves (we know they do carry it).  She saw a manager and asked if they were out of it. He said he thought they had some and asked if she had more shopping to do.  She said she’d check back later.

10 minutes later as she was picking up a few other items, along comes the store manager with the Fresca.  He had gone in the back for the soda and then took the time to walk up and down this airplane hanger of a store to find her.  Now, we happen to shop here a lot but he had no way of knowing that.  One can assume this is how he treats all of his customers.

Is that the kind of customer experience you offer?  Or are you one of the many companies that put people on hold, either figuratively or literally, and walk away?  Customer service is the most important part of a business and it became even more so as the economy worsened and customers became more scarce.  Today, be thankful for each and every one of them (as well as all the other blessings you have!) and tomorrow, work harder to make them happy!  Enjoy your family and food today.

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