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Homer Simpson in the Cerne Abbas

I’ve been meaning to write about a guy I met 21 years ago and with whom I’ve spent a lot of time ever since.  He’s a role model of sorts.  He loves his family even though he spends a lot of his time doing things – drinking and overeating first and foremost – that demonstrate that the primary object of his love is himself.  He doesn’t let facts get in the way of a good story and while he’s been employed at the same job for as long as I’ve known him, he hates his job, his boss, and many of his coworkers.  He’s Everyman.   He’s Homer. Continue reading

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Why Newspapers Won’t Die

Image representing New York Times as depicted ...

Hope everyone had a great holiday and now it’s back to business. My business brain got turned on yesterday as I read the article on the front of the NY Times business section. If you haven’t read the piece on how an unscrupulous web vendor grew his business by exploiting Google’s algorithm (my guess is it’s the same with the other search engines as well), you can read it here.  The gist of it is this dirtball welcomes and precipitates customer complaints, saying they vault his business higher in Internet search results.  It’s really frightening but in the almost 48 hours since it was published (on the web site Saturday night) a lot has happened.  Most importantly, it shows me once again why newspapers won’t die any time soon. Continue reading

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The Thanksgiving Menu’s Business Tip

Thanksgiving Turkey

Happy Cooking Day!  What?  You’re waiting until tomorrow to get going?  Well, maybe you’re better organized than I am.  Today, in between phone calls, emails, and project work, is spent baking the pies, turning the stock we made yesterday into gravy, prepping vegetables, making the appetizers, and many other little things so that we can get tomorrow’s feast in front of everyone all at once and on time.  Those of you with frozen turkeys should have them thawing (maybe in your bathtub if space is an issue?).

The menu we offer this year is the same as last year’s and most prior years.  Frankly, I find it kind of boring to make.  But therein lies the business lesson. Continue reading

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Facts About Statements vs. Statements of Fact

Deutsch: Württembergische Königskrone aus dem ...

I am the best consultant in the world. I hereby proclaim myself the king of all consultants.  There I said it. It is now absolutely true that I said it and if a blog or newspaper or one of you quotes me as saying it, that quote is 100% true. You’ll not get me denying having said it.  There’s only one problem with that fact: the statement itself may not be true. So what does this have to do with you and how you approach things? Continue reading

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Channel Agnostic?

I spend a lot of time working with clients on the dissemination of content via multiple channels. To oversimplify (I know – I do that so well), it’s all about “write once publish everywhere.” After all, we live in a time of “what I want, when I want it, how I want it.” So you’d think I’m pretty channel-agnostic, right? Wrong. Here’s why. Continue reading

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Kitchen Bouquet and Your Business

Haole Loco Moco - 10

It’s Friday and so we turn our attention to something food-related. With Thanksgiving right around the corner, I took notice of something in the store the other day and it triggered a thought. The product was Kitchen Bouquet, which is something one might use in making gravy. Of course, it has business implications as well. Continue reading

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