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The Information Booth

I was meeting someone at Grand Central Terminal last week (and for you non-NY‘ers, Grand Central Station is a subway stop; GCT is the commuter train station).  We agreed to meet “at the clock” which everyone knows is the clock atop the information booth in the middle of the building.

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I was a few minutes early and as I was waiting, I overheard the person in the information booth as she dealt with the line of folks needing help.  What struck me wasn’t the speed with which she answered the questions (how the heck do you keep track of all those bus routes in your head?).  Instead, I was impressed with something else, something that is the yet as unfound grail in digital, but one which Siri and other voice interfaces may be on the way to finding.

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Personal SEO

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You might have read or heard about Search Engine Optimization or SEO for short.  While it’s not the focus of my consulting practice, it is one of the areas in which I offer advice.  In a nutshell, it’s about getting found.  I mean, when one thinks about how much STUFF is out there on the interwebs, climbing to the top of the results pages people get when they search for various information is kind of important.  After all, when was the last time you made it to page 3  of the search results?

So that’s kind of the answer to why one might want to practice SEO.  But I think some basic SEO principles apply to you as an individual and not just to your digital life.  Let’s see if you’re with me. Continue reading

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The Shotgun Approach

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I don’t know whether to laugh or cry this morning about a situation one of my clients is having. They, like many other sites, get a fair amount of traffic from Google. In their case, because they’re a news site, Google News is a key traffic driver as well. A week ago, with no notice or changes to the site, their articles disappeared from Google News and their traffic dropped precipitously. What’s really weird is that the site is still fully indexed in regular Google – only News is affected.
Why am I telling you this? Because while the cause is still unknown we have an idea of what’s doing it and there are larger thoughts beyond our specific case that I want to share. Continue reading

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Why Learn?

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Let’s start the year off with a question I’m sure you’ve heard if you have kids. It goes something like this: Why learn? “Why do I have to learn all this stuff in (math, history, chemistry – pick one) when I’ll never use it anyway?”  The easy way out is to remind them that you had to labor through it and it’s the unfortunate lot of children that their play gets interrupted to acquire certain life skills. However, in an age when damn near everything anyone has ever learned is pretty much accessible via a search of some sort, and access to search is immediately available everywhere, why learn indeed? Well, here’s why, and it’s a business lesson as well. Continue reading

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Why Newspapers Won’t Die

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Hope everyone had a great holiday and now it’s back to business. My business brain got turned on yesterday as I read the article on the front of the NY Times business section. If you haven’t read the piece on how an unscrupulous web vendor grew his business by exploiting Google’s algorithm (my guess is it’s the same with the other search engines as well), you can read it here.  The gist of it is this dirtball welcomes and precipitates customer complaints, saying they vault his business higher in Internet search results.  It’s really frightening but in the almost 48 hours since it was published (on the web site Saturday night) a lot has happened.  Most importantly, it shows me once again why newspapers won’t die any time soon. Continue reading

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One of the more esoteric things I work on with clients is Search Engine Optimization or SEO. I’ll tell you upfront, as I do my clients, that I’m not an SEO specialist but the reality is that many of these folks are at 0 on a scale of 1 to 10 and I can get them to 6 or 7. If they want more help from there, we’ll bring in a specialist.
SEO for you non-search types is a variety of tasks that improve a site’s ranking in search engines. Since a huge percentage of web usage involves search, where you rank in the search results can have a big effect on your web success. Sounds technical and complex, right? Well, sorry to burst everyone’s balloon, but like many things in business, it’s actually fairly simple if you focus on one thing. Continue reading

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Dancing In The Dark


If you spend any time reading about what’s going on in digital media, you’re probably aware of Rupert Murdoch‘s war on free content.  His beef is that many companies spend lots of resources to produce original content and then others such as Google, Drudge, and HuffPo aggregate it and make money off of it with minimal investment.  He wants to place a lot of content behind pay walls which, in my opinion, will be an interesting experiment but one which is doomed to failure unless there is a systematic change in the nature of the web.  But that’s not the subject of today’s piece.  Instead, Rupert’s now gone one step beyond. Continue reading

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