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The Blue Grotto

Grotta azzurra, Capri, Italy

There was a report last week that The Blue Grotto, one of Italy‘s most-visited tourist locations had been fouled by raw sewage.  The suspicion was that some local mafiosi had dumped the waste they’d been paid to haul away in the water rather than pay the dumping fees to increase their profits.  Fortunately, in the few intervening days, the smell has gone away and the early reports may have been wrong.  But the entire incident got me thinking anyway about how many business people do the same sort of dumb things. Continue reading

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The Best Ingredients

Supermarket in São Paulo

Why does food taste so much better in a restaurant?  I’m not talking about really complicated dishes prepared with weird components.  Even plain, grilled fish or a simple plate of spaghetti and clams can taste way better than what you or I can prepare even though no complicated cooking techniques are involved.  Heck, make a fire, throw on a steak, season it a bit, pay attention – dinner, right?  And what does this have to do with business? Continue reading

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Riders on the Storm

A heap of :en:Pandalus borealis shrimp.

My friend Bryant and I were emailing back and forth the other day and we got on the topic (fairly quickly) of the economy and how the extended downturn is affecting everyone. There isn’t a business person I know who hasn’t seen a big change over the last 18 months, and I’m sure you and your business fall into that very large bucket.
As we went back and forth, Bryant laid his latest favorite quote on me, one from Mr. Gump, which struck me as something to which we all need pay attention and act accordingly. Continue reading

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Another Twitter Security Issue

Image representing Twitter as depicted in Crun...

Twitter is having issues again. Unfortunately, the problem this time isn’t as obvious as the massive fails that have kept them off-line recently. This time, it’s something way more problematic for you and me and provides another great example of how companies that don’t get social media can hurt themselves. Even companies right at the social media epicenter! Continue reading

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Swings And Misses

Crocodile skin handbags in a conservation exhi...

Obviously, I write a blog.  When asked, I usually say it’s a blog about business, media and sometimes food.  Now, those are fairly broad categories and I appreciate the fact that there is a lot of room under those categories to fit everything from content monetization (a favorite topic) to the 10 ways you can add twitter followers (oh, please). However, I’m not sure that handbags fit. Continue reading

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Check The Radar

Brightness can indicate reflectivity as in thi...

As the weekend wound down, we thought grilling some food would be a nice way to end the day.  It was a great afternoon – the sun was out, hot but not too steamy – so off we went to the store to get provisions.  A few hours later, it was time to start the meal and that’s when I checked the radar as I always do when getting ready to fire up the grill.  Not good.  Although the sun was shining, in the 20 minutes it would take the coals to get hot , the sunshine was going to turn liquid.  We moved the cooking indoors. Continue reading

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Fish Sticks

Butch short order cook, Amy's breakfast place,...

Foodie Fun Friday returns!  Today’s topic is fish sticks.  That’s right – the bane of every Catholic kid’s existence when I was young.  Strangely, these happen to be among my favorite foods.  There’s usually a box of them in the freezer and dipped in a blend of tartar and hot sauces, they’re often in front of me as I watch some sporting event or other.   I was heating up  a batch of them the other day when I had an epiphany:  what I was doing (reheating frozen fish) is what much of America thinks is cooking.  Come to think of it, there’s a business lesson in there as well. Continue reading

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