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For our Foodie Friday topic today, let’s have a cup of coffee.  Actually, let’s get some inspiration from one – specifically from Jerry Seinfeld‘s new web series Comedians In Cars Getting Coffee.  If you haven’t seen it, Jerry goes out for coffee with another funny person – Michael Richards, Carl Reiner, and Larry David among them.  It was in the Larry David episode – Larry Eats A Pancake – that we get today’s food – and business – point.

Jerry remarks that as a pancake gets cold it becomes less appealing   “Once it cools off it loses its allure.” Why is that?  “Heat doesn’t have any flavor…what does it do?”  Larry’s response – “it warms you” is very Kramer-ish.  But it’s true – heat doesn’t have any flavor although it certainly does affect the things that do.  Many dishes are best served at or near room temperature while some foods are disgusting at that temperature.  Food that’s too hot loses flavor, as does food that’s not quite warm enough (putting aside things such as ice cream, of course).  It’s not just the intrinsic flavor of the food that affects the perceived quality.  It’s also the intangible value of the right temperature.

The same holds in business.  It’s the difference on the customer experience on Jet Blue vs. that on Spirit air.  Two discount airlines with many of the same features and requirements (there’s a charge for everything!) but the “heat” of one is perfect and make it delicious while the other is served cold and isn’t something I’ll go near again.

We need to pay attention to the “how hot” as much as we do to the “what.”  Heat can “warm you” or it can burn you.  It can mask flavors or enhance them.  Focus on the “heat” factor you’re generating and you’ll be surprised how appealing the same old stuff can seem.

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The Pros From Dover

I was flipping around the dial last evening when I came across a program called “Talking Funny” on HBO.  It was Jerry Seinfeld, Chris Rock, Louis CK and Ricky Gervais talking about comedy and having, as the promo says “an unscripted conversation about what it means to be a comedian.”  It was pretty funny stuff and, more importantly for our purposes in this space, it got me thinking about some broader business points I’d like to share.

One of them made the point that most people can amuse themselves.  You or I can tell jokes and make ourselves and others laugh.  This was said with a touch of bemusement and amazement that despite this fact, people pay a fair amount of money to go to comedy shows.  And that’s the business point. Continue reading

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A roast turkey as part of a traditional U.S. T...

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Thanksgiving is a lot of work in my house – maybe in yours as well.  If you’ve been reading along, you know that the menu planning, shopping, and prep work has been going on for several days and today (Wednesday) is the biggest of the prep days.   Tomorrow is focused on bringing all the pieces together, hopefully at the same time, and entertaining the horde that will descend.  I like to think of those pieces as the three “F”s. Continue reading

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