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Top Posts Of The Year #4

Courtesy Jeffrey Beall

Each year at this time, I repost the most read 4 “regular” posts and the top Foodie Friday post from this calendar year. That’s what I’ll be doing this week. The #4 most-read post was written prior to the Super Bowl and was a pre-game appreciation for Peyton Manning‘s last game. Originally titled “The Wily Old Veteran,” it deals with things one learns over time. In retrospect, it was probably a bit of a love note to my fellow “experienced” business people too. Enjoy!

The Super Bowl is this Sunday and if you’re not going to be watching it you are a member of a small minority in this country. It’s been hard to avoid hearing about the upcoming tilt for weeks, and it has become almost impossible this week. That’s not a complaint, by the way. I’m a huge fan and while it’s sad to see the NFL season end, this year’s game offers us something of a business lesson as part of the deal.

Amidst all of the hoopla, you might have heard Peyton Manning’s name more than once. If you follow the game at all you’re aware that he is a guaranteed first-ballot Hall Of Fame player who might be playing in his last game. You might also be aware that he missed a significant part of the regular season with a foot injury. In his place, Brock Osweiler came in and lead the team to a number of victories. He is clearly Denver’s quarterback of the future. Even after Manning got healthy, Osweiler had the starting job and was only back on the bench after Denver stumbled in a late season game and Manning came in. So why is Manning starting the Super Bowl?

You might say “oh, it’s a tribute to his wonderful career and that must be respected.” The real answer is the business point today. As an article written about the game said

Manning, not Osweiler, will start Sunday against the Carolina Panthers after reclaiming the job he lost to foot problems and turnovers earlier in the season. The five-time MVP‘s experience outweighed his limitations for the stretch run on a Denver team that relies on the running game and defense.

Experience isn’t something that you can teach – it’s something you need to gain over time. As I tell clients – most of whom are younger than I am – you hire me in part so that you don’t make all the mistakes I’ve made over the years. While you can stay up all night to work through a problem, I have probably faced the same problem multiple times over the last 40 years.  It might be possible to read about business and to learn (and I encourage you to do so!), but there is no substitute for living through business situations.  That takes time, patience, an open mind, and a willingness to accept that there might be many valid solutions to the problem you’re facing.

I will be rooting for the wily old veteran to have a good game no matter how his team does.  Every team needs one to help lead them into battle.  How about yours?

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Taking The Tablet

There is an excellent, thought-provoking article in the current edition of the Sports Business Journal about tablet computers.  The piece examines what effects the popularity of these devices have been across a number of sectors in the sports business.  Sponsor rights, media distribution, and on-field use are just a few of the areas in which tablets are having an impact.  Disruptive doesn’t begin to describe it.

Behold the iPad in All Its Glory.

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One thing I did notice as the article ran through the issues (which I’ll discuss in a minute) is that the way in which many of the parties involved have tried to deal with this new round peg is to try to fit it in the same square holes as other things without much success.  Let me explain. Continue reading

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Instant Replay

A reel of 2" Quadruplex (aka 2" Quad...

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I was watching the Chicago Bears play the Detroit Lions last night.  I’m not sure if you watched, but the first quarter of the game was a mess – lots of penalties and a couple of challenges to rulings on the field using instant replay.  I flashed back to when the NFL put in the current replay system.  Some of us at the networks were a little concerned that suddenly what we were doing could become part of the game instead of us just covering what was happening since they use TV coverage to look at the calls.  The concern was about a missed camera angle or a technical problem changing the outcome.

That hasn’t been an issue for the most part, and the replay system has been a good thing in my mind.  After all, events move very fast on the field and it’s not always easy to get it right all the time.  Sound like your work day?  It does to me, and it raises a thought. Continue reading

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Taking One For The Team

Quarterback Peyton Manning was the MVP of Supe...

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I’m glad the NFL lockout is over and not just as a fan.  I have a number of friends who work for the league and having lived through a missed season during my time with the NHL  I know that those folks were not having a leisurely Summer while things worked themselves out.  There have been more than enough diatribes about billionaires fighting millionaires so that’s not today’s discussion.  Instead, I want to talk about some news I read over the weekend that provides a great business lesson to us all.

The Colts redid Peyton Manning‘s contract.  That’s not huge news but the fact that he insisted on taking less money than the team offered him is.  It’s his thinking that’s the great point for the rest of us. Continue reading

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North Side neighborhood team posed at Sumner Field

It’s a good time of year if you like football.  The big bowl games and end of the NFL season provide hours of collision-based fun as well as lots of fodder for the numbers junkies who call sports talk radio every day.  I guess that’s not limited to football since it’s hot stove season in baseball too.  With the Hall of Fame ballots going out, statistics are thrown around like beads at Mardi Gras.  There’s nothing wrong with all these numbers as we discuss sports, just as there isn’t when talking about business.  But they’re far from the entire story and that’s where people get off the track. Continue reading

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The Spread

Ladbrokes Shop Logo

Like many of you, I spent part of yesterday watching the action in the NFL. It’s a great product on the field most of the time and when it’s not, as in the case of a blow-out game, it has another factor working in its favor which maintains many peoples’ interest until the final gun. While my friends at the NFL don’t like to talk about it much, that factor is the spread.  Continue reading

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Sports Questions I Can’t Answer

World Series

I can hear your shock – how could a guy who has spent a couple of decades working in sports not be able to answer a few simple questions? Well, my friends, these are the questions for which I’m not sure there are answers. No, not about the Cubs winning the World Series or are the changes to The Road Hole sacrilegious. These are broader and harder. Continue reading

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