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Take the Money

George Washington

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I had something unusual happen to me the other day.  I wanted to spend a few hundred dollars with a wireless company and they wouldn’t take my money.  This was not some kind of weird currency I minted myself either – just hard-earned, good old American greenbacks.  So while I kind-sorta get what they’re thinking, I really don’t understand the logic. Continue reading


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My friend and I were standing in the yard the other day when he said something to me that resonated.  “I think we’ve both seen the country and the world go through some bad times before,” he said, “but it’s never felt like this.”  That, of course, got me wondering how our grandparents felt (great grandparents for you younger types) on the eve of the Great Depression.  What are the lessons from then that we can apply today? Continue reading

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With less than one ...

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My family loves Thanksgiving.  For the most part, so do I.  The entire family getting together is not something that happens with great regularity anymore – grandparents winter in Florida, kids are in college or living their own lives, brothers and sisters and other relations have busy schedules too.  So when 20 or 25 of us can pile into one location, it’s special, and each gathering is unique.  Except for one thing. Continue reading


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Meetings are sometimes held around conference ...

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I’m conflicted about meetings.  Generally, I think of them as things people hold because they have nothing else with which to occupy their time.  I mean, who has time for a meeting when there is so much to do RIGHT NOW? Continue reading


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Never Let Your Schooling…

Hopefully you know the other end of that quote in the headline from my favorite author (no fair scrolling down).  I thought of it today because I had lunch with a colleague who is about to teach a graduate course in sports leadership.  He and I probably have 60 or so years combined experience in sports and business (and occasionally they’re one and the same!) and we had an ironic laugh about something we see a lot. Continue reading

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Easy Peezy

Creamy center = sketch of business plan

We used to have a running joke within my group which surfaced every time more demands were placed on us.  “It’s the Internet,” we’d say, “how hard can it be?”  As companies have found out with increasing frequency of late, it can be quite hard indeed. Continue reading

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Reproduction of Thoreau's hut

When I was in college, I concentrated in American Literature as the focus of my English major.  One of my favorite authors was and is Henry David Thoreau.  I got to thinking about one of his quotes this morning and I think it’s one that is as meaningful as when Walden was written over 150 years ago (1854!). Continue reading

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