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You Want to Win? Get Away From Me!

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Fascinating, scary article on a report from Nielsen about the relationship between innovation and the physical proximity of senior management. Anyone who has ever worked in a big company isn’t going to be shocked by the news, but it turns out that “companies that take a hands-off approach with product development incubation and also employ other innovation best practices, on average derive 650% more revenue from new products than companies that do not follow these practices ” as reported by Media Post. Continue reading

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Coach Wooden

John Wooden at a ceremony on Oct. 14, the coac...

John Wooden passed away over the weekend.  I wrote about him last year and as I reread what I had written at the time, I thought it was appropriate to share it again.  Do yourself a favor and print out a copy of his Pyramid For Success. It’s always sad when we lose someone who was the best there ever was at something. Continue reading

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The Balancing Act

This morning I got to thinking about food topics because it’s Friday, after all, and what I found myself thinking about instead was people.  No, I don’t think I have cannibalistic tendencies.  What I mean is I was thinking about some of the ways in which we describe people through food terms.   You know what I mean – that guy is a hot dog, she’s a turkey, he’s nuts.  We also ascribe some taste characteristics to people – she’s so sweet, he’s a salty dude, they’re a spicy couple.

I thought about going into how some of these phrases came to mean what they do but that’s a lot of work both for me and for you at the end of what has been a busy week.  Instead, I’ll leave you  with this food thought:

You can make a meal out of any combination of foods and flavors as long as you take your time to taste along the way and are willing to bring in new ingredients to provide balance.  No dish stands on its own without some help from the cook to create, improve, and deliver it (I don’t think of a perfectly ripe piece of fruit  a dish).  It’s the same when you’re building an organization.  You’re going to run into people who are of all types and flavors.  Your job isn’t to make the business work based on one ingredient.  It’s to combine all the ingredients into something delicious.

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