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Asking The Right Way

The Business Process Management Life-Cycle

I’ve been at this blogging thing going on three years now.  I know – you’d think I’d run out of things to say but there are an awful lot of random thoughts bouncing around my head.  Besides, lots of folks are really helpful about suggesting topics when I feel as if I’m running out of ideas (and you should feel free to do so).

Hopefully because I’m interesting but maybe because I’ve been at it a while, some of the folks suggesting topics are paid to do so.  That’s right – PR folks who want me to write about a book their client has written or some great new product they’ve released.  I got three of these yesterday (a typical day) and what was great is that one of them actually asked the right way. Continue reading

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You Want to Win? Get Away From Me!

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Fascinating, scary article on a report from Nielsen about the relationship between innovation and the physical proximity of senior management. Anyone who has ever worked in a big company isn’t going to be shocked by the news, but it turns out that “companies that take a hands-off approach with product development incubation and also employ other innovation best practices, on average derive 650% more revenue from new products than companies that do not follow these practices ” as reported by Media Post. Continue reading

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