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All Fed Up

Image representing Apple as depicted in CrunchBase

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It’s impossible to work in digital and not to write a bit about Steve Jobs this morning. I have a bit of a different take, as usual, and I want to put Steve in the middle of what’s going on with the demonstrations on Wall Street and elsewhere. You see, I think one of the big lessons Steve taught us is exactly at the root of what has pushed thousands of people into the streets and I’d love to know if you feel the same way.
This isn’t going to be a political diatribe since we don’t do that here. This is about business.  I apologize in advance if it comes across that way.  Then again, maybe you’ve got a guilty conscience? Continue reading


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Comic As Entrepreneur?

Comedian Louis C.K. performs for servicemember...

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I’m posting today’s screed but I had a minor role in its creation.  I wanted to put it up as a guest post but my friend Eric, who is the brains behind the analogy, asked that I riff on it as well so let’s call it a joint effort and move on. Continue reading

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The Silent Treatment

Apple Inc.

I was trained to teach high school English.  If you want to try a presentation skills challenge, try presenting poetry structure to the non college-bound freshmen at 8:30 in the morning.  You almost have to set yourself on fire to get their full attention and many mornings I had a can of lighter fluid in hand as I reached my wit’s end.  But then I realized that all I had to do was shut up.  Inevitably, the class would calm down and listen up, often to hear who was on their way to the dean’s office. Continue reading


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