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Lie To Me

I’m a fan of the Fox show “Lie To Me.” In a nutshell, it’s about a guy who can detect when people are lying through various clues – facial expressions, use of language, etc. Besides the fact that it’s well-written and acted, it gives me hope that most of us can learn to do the same thing. Unfortunately, I’m not sure that’s true, but if it was I’m also convinced that a lot of folks would choose to ignore the clues since there are so many examples of people doing just that today. It’s true both in business and elsewhere and let me tell you what’s prompting this. Continue reading

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Check It Out

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As usual we’re going to avoid politics today but I’m going to use a piece from a political site to make my point, if you don’t mind.
A political site picked up a story that a blogger did recently which was an analysis of presidential rumors on the site Snopes.com. the link is there for those of you that want to read the source material which reviews the number of rumors floating around on each president as well as the percentages of those proven to be true. The point isn’t the politics of this – it’s that someone took the time to find out. Continue reading

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