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Everybody Wants To Get Into The Act

Jimmy Durante

Cover of Jimmy Durante

When I started my career in media I worked for a content distributor – the station division of a national TV company.  We bought programming from content creators and used our distribution system to put it in front of consumers.  Other than some local programming such as news and public affairs, we didn’t create much and I suspect we’d have done a bit less had we not been mandated to provide what we did in return for our broadcast licenses.  Our business was to buy content and sell eyeballs and it was a very good business indeed.

By the time I had moved over to the network side, 10 years later, the business has changed a bit.  Networks now produced some shows and invested in others.  The business was still primarily about distribution but things were starting to change.  And now? Continue reading

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What You Got Is Gone

The current logo of Fox Television

Like many (OK – MOST) of my neighbors, I woke up Saturday morning without several TV channels available to me.  I’m sure you’ve read about the dispute between Fox and Cablevision over what the distributor is going to pay the programming service.  It’s not the first (we lost Food Network over the holidays for a bit) or the last dispute of this sort and I’m not going to take sides.

Instead, I want to raise something this dispute got me thinking about.  High-def TV. Continue reading

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Lie To Me

I’m a fan of the Fox show “Lie To Me.” In a nutshell, it’s about a guy who can detect when people are lying through various clues – facial expressions, use of language, etc. Besides the fact that it’s well-written and acted, it gives me hope that most of us can learn to do the same thing. Unfortunately, I’m not sure that’s true, but if it was I’m also convinced that a lot of folks would choose to ignore the clues since there are so many examples of people doing just that today. It’s true both in business and elsewhere and let me tell you what’s prompting this. Continue reading

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