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When we were strolling around the magnificent ruins of Pompeii, what surprised me the most was the amount of graffiti.  No, not from knuckleheads with cans of spray paint.  This stuff had been there for thousands of years.  While I’m sure my amusement all this time later wasn’t quite the reaction all those years ago, some of the notes served a valuable purpose such as communicating lost pets or stolen articles.  Sort of a wall-based Craigslist.

If you’ve been to New York, you know that no newly erected wall can go for more than 10 minutes without writing or ads on it.  Turns out the same thing is true about the web and, in fact, we encourage it.  I think that’s too bad. Continue reading

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A golf ball.

Since I can’t really play golf (the greens are closed, it’s not the temperature stopping me!) I figure I’d write about it. It’s in the news this morning with a court decision that actually makes an excellent business point as well.   While you might have seen the news story, I’m not so sure you thought about it in those terms.  That’s why I’m here! Continue reading

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Investing In People, Not Companies

Image representing Cisco Systems as depicted i...

I see that my old friends at the NHL have added more pieces to their dealings with Cisco.  The relationship covers a lot of areas, as you’ll see in a minute, and I know each party has the potential to get a lot out of it.  Bravo!  The two companies have had business dealings  for several years and this latest renewal is testament that the partnership is working well.  Of course, it didn’t start out being this multi-dimensional.  Maybe you’d like a little insight as to how it got going?  It might be instructive in your business dealings. Continue reading

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What You Got Is Gone

The current logo of Fox Television

Like many (OK – MOST) of my neighbors, I woke up Saturday morning without several TV channels available to me.  I’m sure you’ve read about the dispute between Fox and Cablevision over what the distributor is going to pay the programming service.  It’s not the first (we lost Food Network over the holidays for a bit) or the last dispute of this sort and I’m not going to take sides.

Instead, I want to raise something this dispute got me thinking about.  High-def TV. Continue reading

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Fantasy Island


I’m in Las Vegas for some business meetings. I love this place, mostly because everyone seems much calmer and happier than in many other places. Looking out my window I can see the Empire State Building, the Statue of Liberty, The Eiffel Tower, a pyramid, a French palace, Venetian gondolas – why spend the money to travel elsewhere when all that good stuff is right here?
No,  I didn’t spend all night in the casino and the previous paragraph is not the result of being over-served the free drinks. But it is a business lesson. Continue reading

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The Soupman

Sad news this weekend with the passing of Milton Soupman, better known to everyone as Soupy Sales. I have no idea of his impact outside of the New York area, but for those of us of a certain age, Soupy, Pookie, White Fang, and the rest of the gang were a big part of our childhood and his passing brings back a lot of great memories. It’s also a reminder of a few important things he taught us all. Continue reading

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What Are We Doing

A baseball game at Shea Stadium

Today I’m raising a question for which I don’t really have an answer.  I guess it’s more of an observation and perhaps we can all figure out the answer together.

I’ve spent a good number of years in the sports business.  I love it because it’s a business about which people are passionate, both the folks who work in it and the fans who consume it.  But lately I’ve asked myself what we’re doing to those fans and I had a conversation the other day which really raised my level of concern. Continue reading


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