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Investing In People, Not Companies

Image representing Cisco Systems as depicted i...

I see that my old friends at the NHL have added more pieces to their dealings with Cisco.  The relationship covers a lot of areas, as you’ll see in a minute, and I know each party has the potential to get a lot out of it.  Bravo!  The two companies have had business dealings  for several years and this latest renewal is testament that the partnership is working well.  Of course, it didn’t start out being this multi-dimensional.  Maybe you’d like a little insight as to how it got going?  It might be instructive in your business dealings. Continue reading

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North Side neighborhood team posed at Sumner Field

It’s a good time of year if you like football.  The big bowl games and end of the NFL season provide hours of collision-based fun as well as lots of fodder for the numbers junkies who call sports talk radio every day.  I guess that’s not limited to football since it’s hot stove season in baseball too.  With the Hall of Fame ballots going out, statistics are thrown around like beads at Mardi Gras.  There’s nothing wrong with all these numbers as we discuss sports, just as there isn’t when talking about business.  But they’re far from the entire story and that’s where people get off the track. Continue reading

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