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A Random TV Thought

This tidbit crossed the wires here at the world headquarters yesterday and I want to bring it to your attention:

A new study from Altman Vilandrie says just 1/3 of 18-34 viewers in the U.S. now watch TV during normal broadcast slots, preferring instead on-demand programming via Netflix and Hulu. The study also makes a connection between increased control over when video is watched to how it is watched with nearly 1/2 of respondents saying they prefer smartphones to TVs.

“Oh sure – another TV death story,” you think.  Probably not – a lot of the content on Nextflix and Hulu comes from the TV nets who are actually more than just distributors these days.  But it brought to mind Internet Explorer, the web browser with a 90+% market share at one point which is now down substantially thanks to the growth of Firefox and Chrome. Continue reading

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Everybody Wants To Get Into The Act

Jimmy Durante

Cover of Jimmy Durante

When I started my career in media I worked for a content distributor – the station division of a national TV company.  We bought programming from content creators and used our distribution system to put it in front of consumers.  Other than some local programming such as news and public affairs, we didn’t create much and I suspect we’d have done a bit less had we not been mandated to provide what we did in return for our broadcast licenses.  Our business was to buy content and sell eyeballs and it was a very good business indeed.

By the time I had moved over to the network side, 10 years later, the business has changed a bit.  Networks now produced some shows and invested in others.  The business was still primarily about distribution but things were starting to change.  And now? Continue reading

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Free Samples

I used to work for a couple of broadcasters when the Internet became a big thing (you’ve heard of it, right?) When we used to talk about putting content on the web we’d always say video would not be among it. At first it was because the quality would be so terrible that no one would watch it. Then the pipes got fatter, processors got faster, and the discussion changed to shredding the ratings. The fear was that if we gave users control over what they watched and when they watched it we’d destroy our audiences and revenue. Turns out not so much. Continue reading

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The Big Screen

tv screen cemetery

I’m sure you’ve noticed that many folks – maybe even you – spend a lot more time watching video and reading stuff on their computers than they used to. I know – I’m pretty observant. Some of what everyone seems to be watching is user-generated – weird YouTube videos of babies and dogs – some are the sort of thing you used to see more of on TV – music videos – and some actually is time-shifted TV – Hulu.
What’s been going on has only been the first step, in my opinion. What’s happening now is way more important and could bring about yet another round of media business changes. Continue reading

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Testing 1 2 3

A sea of onlookers witness the second...
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To the list of historic firsts today I would like to add another.  No, it’s not as important as the obvious history that will be made but I think it can be seen as an historic moment nonetheless.  You see today, Inauguration Day, is the first day of a new Presidency but it’s also the first great test of channel preferences. Continue reading

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It’s Different

Last night I had the pleasure of attending the NY Video 2.0 Meetup.  We (myself and 449 of my BFF) heard presentations from Boxee, Hulu, Move Networks, MediaMerx and Visible Measures, all of which were interesting and pointed to the continued migration of media onto well-integrated (across devices and networks) digital platforms.  More on them in another post.

What was most interesting to me was the spirit of camaraderie that prevailed.  Most of the folks in the room were working for early- or mid-stage companies.  Most seemed no older than their mid-30’s (babies!).  All seemed enthusiastic about the business they were in and had a sense that they were helping to change the way the world consumes media.  There was, most of all, a sense of community.  People were encouraged to grab a mic and offer up positions they were trying to fill or consulting help they needed.  It was a feeling of openness and “we’re all in this together” even though you know many of these companies compete head to head and there will be both winners and losers.

Very refreshing and hopefully as a new generation of businesspeople bubble up, a spirit that will come along with them.  Way less cutthroat then the way I remember it being as I was making my bones.  Maybe a side effect of all the social networking is making people more…social!

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