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I used to work for a couple of broadcasters when the Internet became a big thing (you’ve heard of it, right?) When we used to talk about putting content on the web we’d always say video would not be among it. At first it was because the quality would be so terrible that no one would watch it. Then the pipes got fatter, processors got faster, and the discussion changed to shredding the ratings. The fear was that if we gave users control over what they watched and when they watched it we’d destroy our audiences and revenue. Turns out not so much. Continue reading

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Live TV Losing Younger Adults

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When I was in broadcast television for a living, we used to talk about the “lean back” vs. the “lean forward” experience.  The assumption that we made was that sports viewers in particular and TV couch potatoes in general were definitely of the former ilk.  TV was for relaxing and not something one did actively (other than flipping through the remote, of course).

That thought came to mind, and that it might be wrong, as I read the new study from Morpace about video usage.  It may especially be true among younger folks, which in general signals the trend.  But here’s the info and let’s think about it. Continue reading

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