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Service By Design

I’ve gone on at some length in this space about customer service and those companies that do it badly.  Today, I’d like to write about one that does it well and explain why I feel that way.  It’s nice to applaud rather than boo for a change!

I go on a golf trip each year.   I’ve also written about that band of brothers before but I don’t think I mentioned that one thing each guy brings is a gift for the others.  Generally these are relatively inexpensive – golf balls, pen knives – that sort of thing.  I think the biggest thing ever given to the rest of us was a cruise on the Inter-coastal Waterway one afternoon.  My contribution for the last few years has been a commemorative T-shirt of some sort.  I get them from a company named DesignAShirt and they’re the recipient of my applause today. Continue reading


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Trust Me

UPC-A barcode

When I go to the supermarket, I use a hand-held device from the store to scan each item as it goes in my bag.  You swipe your shopper card when you first get to the store and a kiosk gives you a little ray-gun-like device which scans the bar code.  For produce you weight it and the scale prints a tag which you scan.  As you can see in this video, it’s pretty easy, it offers special savings on some items if you are using th wand, and it allows you to check out at the self-service and express registers in about 30 seconds, saving you quite a bit of time where I shop.  My wife asked an interesting question about these things and we got the answer yesterday as well as a good business lesson. Continue reading

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Temper Temper

Cover of "Handle with Care: A Novel"

I love it when you guys suggest topics, especially at the end of the week when I’m usually kind of topic-ed out. It’s REALLY good when you tie it to Foodie Fun Friday because that kills two birds with one stone – it’s late in the week and it’s on topic!   So my sister-in-law Joanne sent me the following which is kind of self-explanatory but of course I’ll chime in. First, her note: Continue reading

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