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No matter how things turn out, this election will be of historic importance.  You can’t sit it out.  Do so and, in my mind, you lose your right to complain about anything that your government does or doesn’t do until the next election.   Lots of people have given up everything so we have the ability to express our preferences freely.  Not to do so demeans those sacrifices.

So vote.  Then celebrate that the hysteria, the phone calls, the awful ads and the personal attacks will stop for a week or so until the next cycle begins.  Sure democracy is messy but it’s the best we’ve got until someone figures out a better way.

Go ahead – I’ll wait right here!

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Mixed Messages

Dan Aykroyd (left) and Joh...

One of my favorite scenes in the Blues Brothers comes when Jake (John Belushi) is confronted by his ex-girlfriend (Carrie Fisher) in a tunnel as he’s making his escape from yet another dicey situation.  Having been stood up at the alter by Jake several years prior, she is in no mood for a discussion of the issues.  She wants action now! Please keep reading

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Politics? Business?

Once again we find great business lessons in the world of politics.  It’s not really that far-fetched, by the way, that I keep making these comparisons.  How often do you hear about politicians as products?  Anyway – today’s lesson has to do with sending out messages by your actions that are different from the actions your words suggest would be in tune with your brand identity. Continue reading

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