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Club Atlético River Plate

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How many of you are familiar with the concept of relegation?  In sport we see it most notably in international club soccer, where the bottom teams in a league are sent down to a lower division and the top performers in that lower division rise up to play in the higher tier.  Obviously, there are financial implications and clubs that are built on one set of economic premises based on playing in a top league often suffer severe hardships when they are relegated.

What got me thinking about this was a note from my buddy Oz about River Plate‘s relegation in Argentine football.  One of the oldest clubs in the world, this is the first time they’ve been out of the top division since…well…never.  This is the first time.  So what does this have to do with you? Continue reading

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An Understanding

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Like many of you I’m glued to the World Cup. Despite some horrible officiating and the US’ exit over the weekend, I still think it’s the greatest sporting event on the planet.  It’s great to see that others around the last great nation to get on the football train are waking up to the world’s game.

As with any sports, soccer has its own language which may be a bit indecipherable to the new audience.  Touch line, bi-line, a clock that’s not really the clock – all of these things may take a bit of translation.  There’s also a term you may have heard in passing and it’s that one from which we get today’s business lesson. Continue reading

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Lessons from The Midfield and The Back

Chertsey Town FC vs Bookham FC

A week in and I hope you’ve had some time to check out the World Cup. Aside from the constant droning of those horrible vuvuzelas, it’s been pretty good so far.
As I was watching a game, I had a couple of thoughts about what was going on the pitch and how it related to business. I know – only me, right?  But at some point in almost every  game you see the ball being passed back and forth without it being advanced.  Generally this occurs in the defensive end or maybe in the defensive midfield.  Lots of activity, very little being accomplished.  Sound like any offices you’ve seen? Continue reading

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The World Cup and Your Style

Wembley Stadium, London England

I love the World Cup.  Besides being a month-long celebration of the world’s most popular sport, it’s always great to watch any sport being contested at the highest levels (as an aside, this is also my favorite sports week since the U.S. Open happens on one of my favorite golf courses but more about that later in the week).

What’s really intriguing, especially for the millions of Americans who don’t watch soccer on a regular basis, is how you can really tell the different teams by their styles.  In fact, if there is anything really noticeable about the US team, aside from how good we’ve become, it is that I don’t think we have a real distinctive style which, in itself is our style.  In a way, that totally makes sense.  After all, we are a nation of immigrants playing a game invented elsewhere and we’re amalgamating the styles from all those nations.  But there are some business lessons here as well. Continue reading

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