Bacon Overdone

I know it’s not Friday but I’m going to let food set the theme to day as well. The Mrs. and I were watching TV last night when on came a story about Tony’s Restaurant in Birch Run Michigan. Tony’s is renowned for selling enormous portions of food at fair prices and, in particular, for their BLT sandwich which contains over a pound of bacon.  Obviously, not eating anything bigger than your head doesn’t apply here.Let me preface this by saying I enjoy love bacon, pork fat, and other not-especially good for you food more than most.  That said, watching this was…well..frankly, we were horrified.  Banana splits that could feed 5 were served to tables of 2.  Fat 10 year olds hefting a BLT that could feed 6 (and the bacon is deep-fried to cook it!).  Let me explain.

As a country we have lots of problems with the heath care system.  A lot of the diseases that kill us are those we bring on ourselves to some extent.  More importantly, we’re raising a generation of kids who are fat, lack exercise, and have no clue about good nutrition. Having raised two kids, I get that it’s not safe any more to let kids to play in the schoolyard unsupervised as we did growing up. I also know that video games were not an option when I was growing up (what’s a computer?). But if my kid was 25 -30 pounds overweight on a kid’s frame, I would be taking responsibility for their health and not just their happiness.

Let’s also think about the restaurant’s responsibility.  How much food gets tossed out every day due to portion size?  You think they’re encouraging every 2 or 3 diners to split one meal?  Probably not.  35.5 million U.S. residents—including more than 12 million school-aged children—live in households that can’t afford enough food. My guess is a lot of them live within a few hundred miles of Tony’s, given Michigan’s economy. Hunger isn’t a political issue and the fat kids we watched on TV last night are going to have weight issues the rest of their lives in all probability.

I’m sure the food is good (well, actually, I’m not – some reviews say it’s just BIG) but at some point business owners have to think about what they’re doing to their customers, whether it’s a restaurant, a car company, or anyone else.    Watch this and tell me what you think:

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